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Page Title: Certification of inspection personnel
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MIL-A-12560H (MR)
Any area within a plate where a discontinuity produces a continuous total loss of
back reflection accompanied by continuous indications on the same plane that
cannot be encompassed within a circle whose diameter is 1 inch shall be cause for
rejection of that plate. All discontinuities shall be evaluated using a frequency of
2.25 megahertz (MHz). Certification of inspection personnel. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), personnel
performing ultrasonic inspection shall comply with the qualification requirements of NAS410.
Personnel making accept/reject decisions in accordance with the process described by this
specification shall be qualified to at least a level II.
4.6.6 Reduced testing. At the discretion of the procuring activity, the amount of testing shall be
reduced provided the results on consecutive lots indicate that a satisfactory uniform product
meeting the testing requirements is being produced (see 6.2). Reduced testing shall be in
accordance with a system previously approved or established by the procuring activity involved.
4.6.7 Rejection and retest. Rejection. Unless otherwise specified in the contract or order (see 6.2), failure of the first
article samples to meet the requirements of this specification shall be cause for rejection of the
process, and failure of the acceptance samples to meet the requirements of this specification shall
be cause for rejection of the lot (see Retest. Unless specific retest procedure is specified in the contract or order (see 6.2), two
retest samples shall be submitted for each failed sample. Failure of either of the retest samples
(plates) shall be cause for rejection of the material. First article retests shall not be permitted until
the supplier has made the necessary correction in the processing of the material to the
satisfaction of the procuring activity.
4.6.8 Hardness traverse test. Prior to production to assure compliance to paragraph, the
size of the heat affected zone for thermally cut edges shall be determined by taking Rockwell C
hardness tests at 1/16 inch increments from the edge. Surface scale and decarburization shall be
removed from the test surface. The distance at which there is no change in surface hardness shall
be considered the depth of the heat affected zone. The contractor shall document the test results
for each thickness and thermal cutting method used in production. The contractor is also
responsible for documenting all heat input controls to assure the cutting process is under control.
Re-verification of heat affected zone size for subsequent production lots is not required provided
there is no change in the cutting method or heat input from that previously tested. The records
shall be available for review by the cognizant government representative.
5.1 Preservation and packaging. DELETED.
5.1 Packaging. For acquisition purposes, the packaging requirements shall be as specified in the
contract or order (see 6.2). When packaging of materiel is to be performed by DoD or in-house

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