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Page Title: Performance requirements and product characteristics
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3.2.7 Threads. Unless otherwise specified, all threads shall be in
accordance with National Bureau of Standards Handbook H28. The class or
fit for-threads shall be as specified on the applicable drawings,
3.2.8 Conflicting requirements.  In the event of conflict between the
documents referenced herein and the contents of this specification, the
contents of this specification shall apply.
3.3 Performance requirements and product characteristics. The ampli-
fier channels shall meet the following performance requirements and
product characteristics.  Unless otherwise specified, all terminals re-
ferred to hereafter are listed on Drawing 877408. All three amplifier
channels shown on Drawing 877408 are identical.  All references to termi-
nal connections in this test refer to connector P401, but they also apply
equally to connectors P402 and P403.
3.3.1 Loads.  A resistive load of 5700 ohms (4.5.3,3.2) shall be
connected from each output terminal (R and S) to terminal L.
3.3.2 Phase relationships. When a 400-Hertz (Hz) signal is applied
to terminals H and K so that the polarity at terminal H corresponds to
the polarity at terminal A, the output current from terminal R shall
increase and the current from terminal S droll decrease.
3.3.3 Balance currents.  With the output currents from terminals R
and S balanced, the balance current per plate shall be 6.5 plus or minus
1.5 milliamperes (ma).
3.3.4  Amplifier gain.  With the output currents balanced, a 0.1 volt
signal of the same phase as the 400 Hz power source, applied to terminals
H and K, shall result in a current increase from balance to 13 plus 1 ma
minus 1.5 ma from one output terminal (R or S), and a current decrease from
balance to 3 ma maximum from the other output terminal.
3.3.5 DC signal gain. With the output currents balanced a direct
current (de) voltage of 1.5 volts applied at terminals M (+) and N (-)
shall result in an output current change from balance to 3.5 ma maximum
from terminal R, and from balance to 10.5 ma minimum from terminal S.
3.3.6 Current drain.  The dc current drawn from the 150-volt power
source ( shall not exceed 18.5 ma.
3.3.7  Operating life. The amplifier channel, after testing, shall be
capable of at least 200 hours of operation without servicing.
3.4 Environmental requirements.  The amplifier channel shall meet the
other applicable requirements of this specification during or after the
tests defined or specified in 4.4.

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