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Page Title: Inert assembly
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3.1.2 Unless otherwise specified by the procuring agency a pre-
production sample shall be required from the contractor as provided
in 4.1.2.
3.2 Inert assembly.  An assembly of Arming Device Mark 6 Mod O
(Torpedo Practice) shall be comprised of the parts listed on LD 291742.
3.2.1 Cleanliness.
Immediately prior to the assembly of the arming
device, each component
shall be free of dirt, dust, flux, oil, oxides,
sulfides, or any other
foreign matter that may impair assembly or sub-
sequent functioning of
the apparatus.
3.2.2 Degree of cure of plastic components. The plastic upper and
lower contact mounts and plastic shutter shall be thoroughly cured and
shall have an acetone extraction value of 5 percent maximum when tested
in accordance with
3.2.3 Soldering assembly.  When soldering the contact fingers sub-
assembly, the solder shall be confined to an area over and above the
riveted portion of the pin and in no instance shall it be allowed to
flow between the contact fingers in a manner that will prevent their
acting as independent cantilever springs.  During assembly of the
contact fingers, the resistor leads shall be made mechanically secure
prior to soldering.  The contact fingers shall be tinned and soldered
together at their interfaces as the resistor leads are soldered. Solder
shall not flow between the contact fingers.  It is recommended that a
suitable fixture be provided for properly orienting the resistors and
the contact fingers of the contact fingers assembly during the
performance of the soldering operation.  Immediately after soldering, all
flux shall be cleaned from the soldered and surrounding surfaces. An
examination of the assembly shall indicate the absence of loose solder
or such condition that could conceivably result in a short or circuit
3.2.4 Fracture strength.  The plastic shutter, when assembled within
the contact mount and inserted with the contact mount into the housing
without the safety spring, Dwg 959486, shall withstand a torque of 30
inch-pounds applied to the free end of the shutter shaft in either
direction without fracture of either the shutter or mount or a loosening
of the shutter shaft.  The spring, Dwg 959486, shall not be "inserted except
at final assembly.
3.2.5 Housing, shutter, spring and contact mount assembly. The
shutter and contact mount assembly, as assembled within the housing with-
out spring, shall fall by gravity free of the housing as the housing is
held, open end downward, with its axis substantially vertical.  The
shutter and contact mount assembly, as assembled within the housing with

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