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Page Title: Preparation for Delivery
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Carefully strike off the excess material col-
jetted to test, fails to pass the specified tests,
lected in the cube using a spatula, taking care
the lot shall be rejected. The contractor shall
not to jar the cube during this operation.
have the option of having a partial or com-
Weigh the filled cube and from the weight and
plete analysis made on samples taken from all
volume of the material in the cube, calculate
or any of the containers in the lot, at no ex-
its apparent density, in grams per cubic cen-
pense to the Government. The contractor may
timeter. Make 3 such determinations, and
then remove the defective portions of the lot
report the average of the 3 values obtained as
and resubmit the lot for acceptance, provided
the apparent density of the material.
complete replacement of the defective por-
tions can be made to the satisfaction of the
4.4.9 Coarse particles. --Prepare a stock
inspector. The resubmitted lot shall be ac-
solution of dispersing agent (see 6.8) in
cepted, provided that new samples, selected in
water, using as high a concentration of dis-
accordance with 4.2, pass all the tests re-
persing agent as possible without losing fluid-
quired by this specification.
ity, and filter the solution through coarse filter
paper. Place a 5-gram portion of the sample
in a 600-ml. beaker. Add enough dispersing
agent solution to form a heavy paste, and mix
5.1 Packaging. --Unless otherwise specified,
well to thoroughly incorporate the acetylene
acetylene black shall be furnished in suitable
black. Dilute the mixture with water to a
moisture-proof, commercial containers.
volume of approximately 300 ml. and then
pour through a U. S. Standard No. 325 sieve.
5.2 Packing. --Unless othewise specified,
Brush the material through the sieve using a
the containers of acetylene black shall be
small camel's hair brush, while running water
packed in commercial shipping containers so
through the material. Once or twice during
constructed as to insure acceptance by com-
the screening remove the sieve from under
mon or other carriers, for safe transposition,
the running water, add 1 or 2 drops of the
at the lowest rate of the carrier, to the point
stock dispersing agent solution, thoroughly
of delivery.
spread it over the sieve with the brush, and
continue the washing and brushing. Continue
5.3 Marking. --In addition to any special
this operation until no more acetylene black
markings required by the contract or order,
passes through the sieve. Dry the sieve in an
shipments shall be marked in accordance with
oven at 100 to 105 C. for 1 hour, cool, and
Standard MIL-STD-129.
weigh the residue. Calculate the weight of
residue as percent coarse particles in the sam-
ple. Retain the residue for the determination
of grit (see 4.4.10).
6.1 Intended use. --The acetylene black is
intended for use in the manufacture of primer
4.4.10 Grit. --Transfer the residue, if any,
obtained in the determination of coarse par-
ticles (see 4,4.9) to a piece of smooth white
6.2 Ordering data. -- Procurement docu-
paper. Gently rub the residue with the finger
ments should specify the title, number, and
until the paper is no longer blackened by the
date of this specification.
remaining material. Transfer the remaining
particles to a tared weighing dish, weigh, and
6.3 The Parr Instrument Co. No. 1101 Model
calculate the weight of the particles to percent
BB oxygen combustion bomb has been found
grit in the material.
satisfactory for use in making the sulfur con-
tent determination by the alternative method
4.5 Resubmission and retests. --If the com-
posite sample, or any primary sample sub-
specified in

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