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Page Title: Chemical composition
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MIL-A-46100D (MR)
2.4 Order of precedence. In the event of a conflict between the text of this document and
the references cited herein, the text of this document takes precedence. Nothing in this
document, however, supersedes applicable laws and regulations unless a specific exemption
has been obtained.
3.1 First article. When specified in the contract or purchase order (see, 6.2, 6.4,
and 6.9), a sample or samples of the specified item shall be made available to the
contracting officer or his authorized representative for approval in accordance with
The approval of the first article samples authorizes the commencement of shipment but
does not relieve the supplier of responsibility for compliance with all applicable provisions
of this specification. The first article samples and test plates shall be manufactured by the
process proposed for use on production armor. The manufacturer's declared chemical
analysis shall be submitted to the contracting agency and to the ballistic test agency. The
ballistic test agency shall record the first article ballistic test plates submitted, showing the
dates tested. Requests from the procuring activity to the ballistic test agency as to prior
conformance with first article tests shall be accompanied by copies of the first article test
firing records. Any deviation(s) noticed by the ballistic agency shall be brought to the
attention of the contracting activity and to the manufacturer.
3.1.1 First time producer. First time producers wishing to qualify to this specification shall
follow the instructions of 6.7.
3.2 Acceptance requirements.
3.2.1 Chemical composition. The product produced to this specification shall meet the
analysis of table I unless otherwise agreed upon between the steel supplier and the
purchaser. All limits as specified in table I (including any deviations negotiated) shall be
submitted in advance to the purchaser. The purchaser shall establish and submit separate
limits for each thickness of plate to be furnished (see 6.5). A statement showing the heat
analysis of each melt and one product analysis of each lot and complete details of the heat
treatment of each lot shall be furnished for the files of the purchaser at no cost. All elements
of the chemical composition specified in table I shall be shown in the statement. When
specified in the contract or order, armor material test reports shall be prepared to report the
chemical composition range established by the producer and the chemical analysis of the
material submitted (see 6.2.2 and 6.6).
3.2.2 Heat treatment. All plates in each lot, including samples, shall receive the same heat
treatment except for such variations in tempering temperature as shall be necessary to
produce the prescribed hardness. Unless otherwise specified, local or general heating shall
not be performed after the final heat treating operation (see 6.2). This does not include
preheating for welding or flame cutting, as long as the tempering temperature is not
exceeded. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2) if a batch tempering process is used, all
plates shall be tempered for a minimum of 30 minutes after the centerline of the plate
thickness has reached a temperature of at least 350 F, or shall be tempered for a minimum
of one hour for each inch of thickness after the plate surface has reached a temperature of at

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