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Page Title: Type I, skid mounted
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determine the fluid level.  Other enclosures such as gearcases and reservoirs
which contain lubricant or hydraulic oil shall be equipped with dipsticks or
sight gages not less than l/2-inch pipe size to determine the fluid level.  Each
enclosure shall be equipped for filling and for draining.  The drain outlet
shall be fitted with a magnetic drainplug having either tapered pipe threads or
shoulder and gasket, size conforming to MS35844 or MS49006. In lieu of a
magnetic drainplug, a separate magnetic device may be fastened inside the
enclosure at or near the bottom and shall be removable for cleaning without
removal of other parts or components.  Each drain-plug or valve shall be located
so that removal of-the plug or valve wlll result in complete drainage of the
fluid from the enclosure (except torque converter). When the auger is in a
level position, drainage of fluids shall be accomplished without draining on or
over any part of the auger.  Integral tubes, hose, or troughs may be used to
convey the fluids from the drain outlet.  Accessibility to the fill opening, the
fluid-level checking device, and the drainplug or valve shall be provided
without removal or adjustment of accessories and parts, except plates equipped
with hand-operable, quick-disconnect fasteners, or capscrews in application
where quick-disconnect fasteners are subject to damage.  The drain outlets for
the engine-cooling system shall provide complete draining of the system. The
radiator drain shall be such that coolant will not drain onto any part of the
auger or carrier.  An extension hose is acceptable to facilitate radiator
3.17 Type I, skid mounted.  The type I, skid mounted auger shall be powered
by a diesel engine and shall be designed for military truck mounting (see
3.20.1) or commercial truck mounting (see 3.20.2), as specified (see 6.2).
3.17.1 Mounting accessories.  When furnished truck mounted, the auger shall
be mounted on the truck using six sets of twin bolts with clips to clamp the
skid frame of the auger to the frame of the truck.  Two of the six sets of twin
bolts shall be provided with clips for attaching stabilizing jacks (see 3.17.2)
under the rear comers of the truck body.  No welding or cutting of the truck
frame shall be required to install and remove the auger from the truck. When
the auger is furnished unmounted a complete set of mounting accessories and two
jacks as specified in 3.17.2 shall be furnished with the auger.
3.17.2 Stabilizing jacks. TWO telescoping-type stabilizing jacks shall be
furnished to support the rear of the truck or truck chassis-cab during drilling
operations.  The stabilizing jacks shall attach to the frame of the truck with
bolts and clips provided as mounting accessories and shall have a working range
of 14 inches above level ground when retracted to 10 inches below level ground
when extended.
3.17.3 Auger bar.  The type I auger bar shall be lowered and raised by a
hydraulically controlled mechanism.  The auger bar shall be provided with an
hydraulic or mechanical crowd mechanism. The rotary drive shall be either
mechanical or hydraulic.  The auger bar shall be hot rolled AISI-4145 fine grain
steel, quenched and tempered. to 302-341 Brinell hardness and thermally stress
relieved within a temperature range of 950 to l,000 F.

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