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Page Title: Type II, turntable base mounted
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3.17.4 Skid frame.  The skid frame shall mount directly over a standard SAE
J691, 34-inch truck frame and shall furnish support for the auger. The skid
frame shall be provided with towing attachments on each end and a mounting for
the power winch and wire reel.  The skid frame with auger shall not snub, break,
or be permanently deformed when towed over rough terrain at a speed of 5 mph.
3.18 Type II, turntable base mounted.  The type II turntable base mounted
auger shall be powered by a diesel engine and shall be designed for military
truck mounting (see 3.20.1) or commercial truck mounting (see 3.20.2), as
specified (see 6.2).
3.18.1 Auger bar.  The type II auger bar shall be provided with an
hydraulically actuated crowd mechanism.  Bar material shall be an alloy steel as
furnished commercially by the contractor.  The auger bar housing or boom shall
be hydraulically extendible.  Extension travel shall be not less than 5 feet.
When fully extended, the distance from the ground to the top of the boom shall
be not less than 27 feet with a lifting capacity of not less than 5,000 pounds.
The boom shall be equipped with a hydraulically operated, circumferential type,
pole grabber. The pole grabber shall maintain a constant clamping force at any
angle of operation.  Boom travel and pole grabber shall be controlled by
operator at the operator's station.
3.18.2 Turntable.  The turntable subframe shall provide for rotating the
auger not less than 90 degrees to the right and left of the truck's longitu-
dinal axis.  Fore and aft travel of the turntable frame shall be not less than
22 inches.  Rotation of the turntable and fore and aft travel of the frame shall
be hydraulically operated and shall be controlled by the operator at the
operator station.  The turntable base shall be installed on the truck by the
use of removable locating mechanisms that fit into the stake pockets.  The base
shall be constructed of steel plate, reinforced to withstand the maximum load
and stress imposed.  Provisions for lubricating the center pin shall be provided.
3.18.3 Stabilizing jacks. The turntable base shall be equipped with not less
than two hydraulically operated stabilizing jacks.  Two jacks shall be located
at the rear corners of the turntable base and may be installed on outriggers.
The lowest extermity of the jacks, when fully retracted, shall not extend below
the rear axle of the truck on which the auger is mounted.  Operation of the jack
shall be controlled by the operator at the operator station.
3.19 Diesel engine.  The diesel engine shall be a heavy duty commercial
industrial type, capable of operating on diesel fuel conforming to VV-F-800 and
lubricating oil conforming to MIL-L-2104.  The average oil consumption during
preproduction and initial production testing shall not exceed 0.0035 pounds per
brake horsepower hour.  Full-flow type oil filters shall be utilized in the
engine lubricating system.  The temperature of the oil in the engine oil gallery
shall not exceed 230 F when tested as specified herein.  When an oil cooler is
provided, the temperature of the oil in the engine sump, or entering the cooler,
shall not exceed 250 F when tested as specified herein.  The temperature of the
coolant in the top tank of the radiator shall not exceed 210 F when tested as
specified herein.  The engine shall be the same engine that is being used and

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