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Page Title: Commercial truck mounting
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3.20.2 Commercial truck mounting.  When specified (see 3.17 and 3.18), the
type I auger shall be furnished mounted on a commercial truck.  The truck shall
be of the type, size, capacity, and have accessories, as specified (see 6.2).
3.21 Workmanship.  The auger shall be free from defects such as incomplete
welds, rust, cracks, and other defects that could impair the operation of the
auger.  Metal used in the fabrication of the auger shall be free of kinks and
sharp bends.  Shearing and clipping shall be done neatly and accurately. Flame
cutting of steel may be employed. Burned surfaces of flame-cut steel shall be
ground or machined to remove all ash, burrs, and rough edges. All bends shall
be made with metal dies or fixtures to insure uniformity in size and shape.
Rivets shall fill the holes completely.  Rivet heads shall be full, neatly made
in full contact with the surface of the member, and shall be in accordance with
SAE J492.
3.21.1 Welders and welding. Welders.  Before assigning any welder to manual welding work covered
by this specification, the contractor shall provide the contracting officer with
certification that the welder is qualified in accordance with either of the
following listed codes for the method, procedure, materials and joint configura-
tions to be welded and that such qualification is effective as defined by the
particular code:
AWS D1.1, Structural Welding Code, Section 5, Qualification.
Welding Qualifications of the ASME, Section IX.
Welders who only make horizontal welds need not qualify for "all position
welding".  Subject to approval by the Government, contractor's standard welder
qualification may be substituted in lieu of the above codes provided that the
contractor's procedure is equivalent to the above codes.  The contractor shall
be responsible for determining that manual automatic welder equipment operators
are capable of producing welds that conform to the code. Welding.  The surfaces of parts to be welded shall be free from
rust, scale, paint, grease, mill scale that can be removed by chipping and wire
brushing, and other foreign matter.  Welds shall transmit stress without
permanent deformation or failure when the parts connected by the welds are
subjected to proof and service loading.
3.21.2 Surfaces.  All parts, components, and assemblies including castingsj
forgings, molded parts, stampings, bearings, seals, machined surfaces, and
welded parts shall be cleaned and free of sand, dirt, fins, pits, sprues, scale,
flux, and other harmful or extraneous materials.  External surfaces shall be
smooth and all edges shall be rounded or beveled.

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