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Page Title: Gears.
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MIL-A-516J Gears.
Exposed gears shall be coated with type P-1 preser- Exposed gears.
vative. Enclosed gears.  Gear housings shall be filled to the operating
level with the operational lubricant and gears actuated to assure coating all
interior parts and surfaces with the lubricant. Clutch.  With the cover plates removed and the clutch engaged, all
interior components of the clutch shall be sprayed with primer conforming to
TT-P-664.  Coating of nonmetallic surfaces shall be kept to a minimum. Clutch
control mechanisms not enclosed shall be coated with type P-1 preservative.
After being sprayed, spring-loaded-type clutch shall be blocked in a partially
disengaged position to prevent contact between the disk facings and pressure
plates. Snap-over-center and toggle-in-type clutches shall be completely
disengaged.  The clutch shall not be operated after application of preserva-
tives. Exposed chains.  Exposed drive chains shall be coated with enough
type P-3 or type P-9 preservative to assure penetration of the preservative to
the inner surfaces of the rollers, pins, and bushings.  After the excess
preservative has drained, the chains shall be coated with type P-1 preservative.
Sprockets shall be coated with type P-1 preservative. Hydraulic system.  The hydraulic fluid supply reservoir shall be
filled to the operating level with the operational fluid. The pistons shall be
retracted as fas as practicable into the cylinders and secured.  Where the
pistons cannot be fully retracted, exposed portions of the piston rods shall be
coated with type P-6 preservative and wrapped or covered with barrier material
conforming to MIL-B-121, type I, grade A, class 2, or type I, grade C, class 1,
extending the wrap approximately 2 inches on the ram cylinder.  The wrap shall
be secured in place with tape conforming to PPP-T-60, type IV. Where the
pistons can be fully retracted, any remaining uncoated surfaces of the .piston
rods shall be coated with type P-1 preservative, with no wrapping required.  The
hydraulic control valves shall be secured in the neutral position and preserved
as specified for the piston rods.  Hose shall not be disconnected. Any other
exterior metal surfaces of components of the system requiring the application of
a contact preservative shall be coated with type P-1 preservative.  A tag con-
forming to UU-T-81, type A, shall be attached to the control lever indicating
"The hydraulic supply tank is filled with the fluid required for operation."
The tag and the printing thereon shall be waterproofed in accordance with
MIL-STD-129. Winch.  Components of the winch shall be preserved as specified
herein for parts and assemblies having similar characteristics. Wire rope.  The wire rope shall be removed from the winch and coated
with type P-1 preservative applied by brushing or by immersion.  The rope shall
be rewound on the winch drum and secured to prevent unwinding.

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