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MIL-A-516J Technical publications.  Technical publications, when applicable,
shall be preserved in accordance with MIL-P-116, method IC-1 or IC-3. Repair parts.  The preservative application criteria and applicable
methods of preservation of MIL-P-116 shall be used to preserve repair parts.
when specified (see 6.2), the engine repair parts shall be preserved in
accordance with level A of MIL-R-196. Maintenance tools.  Maintenance tools shall be preserved in
accordance with the level A requirements of PPP-P-40 and placed in the toolbox. Consolidation.  Loose components such as auger bits, mounting
accessories repair parts, and technical publication shall be packed in
close-fitting boxes conforming to PPP-B-621, class 1, style optional, or
PPP-B-601, domestic type, style optional.  Cushioning and blocking to prevent
movement and damage to the contents shall be provided, in accordance with
MIL-STD-1186.  Strapping shall not be required.
5.2.2 Level B.  Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2 and 6.9), the auger
components be preserved as specified in 5.2.1 for level A, with the
following exceptions. Clutch.  Spring-loaded-type clutches shall be blocked in a partially
disengaged position to prevent contact between the disk facings and pressure
plates. Snap-over-center and toggle-in type clutches shall be completely dis-
engaged. Preservation of the clutch components shall not be required. Exposed drive chains.  Exposed drive chains shall be coated with
enough type P-3 or type P-9 preservative to assure penetration of the pre-
servative to the inner surfaces of the rollers, pins, and bushings.  Hydraulic system.  The hydraulic system shall be preserved, wrapped,
and tagged as specified in, except waterproofing of the tag shall not be
requized.  Wire rope.  The wire rope shall be wound on the winch drum and
secured to prevent unwinding.  Preservation of the wire rope shall be as
specified in
5.2.3 Level C.
-- Alternate preservation.  Unless otherwise specified herein, the
auger, accessories repair parts, technical publications, and maintenance tools
shall be preserved to afford protection against deterioration and damage from the
contractor to the initial destination.  The contractor's standard practice may
be used when it fulfills these requirements.  When specified (see 6.2), the
following alternate preservation shall be performed. Engine.  The engine and liquid cooling system shall be preserved in
accordance with the level C requirements of MIL-E-10062.

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