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Page Title: Quality conformance inspection.
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MIL-A-62463B(AT) Check cam setting (type I actuator only). With index flange properly oriented per, the "V" mark on flange should point to index mark 1R or 4L stamped on shaft. Reset
cam position if required. Reinstall socket head screw. Install and retain shaft seal. Install shaft seal 12331881, ring 12335160, and packing
MS28775-427 over end of shaft. Retain these items with roadarm 12325801 or suitable collar,
and retain collar with retainer 12335056 or suitable equivalent. Intentionally left blank. Fill drain chamber with oil.
a. Type I actuator. With the "Fill" leveling valve cap, spring, and stem removed, add oil
into port 7B until oil flows out the "fill" valve port. Reinstall valve parts, and torque cap.
b. Type II actuator. Add oil into port 7B to fill drain chamber to the level of port 7B. Fill vane chambers with oil. Alternately apply low pressure to ports 2 and 17 of type I
actuator, or to ports 2 and 7 of type II actuator, and rotate shaft back and forth through several
full cycles. Intentionally left blank.
4.4 First article inspection. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), the contractor shall furnish one
type I and one type II actuator assembly, from the first ten units of each type produced under the
production contract, for first article inspection. First article samples shall be examined as
specified in table V and tested as specified in table VI. Approval of the first article samples by the
Government shall not relieve the contractor of his obligation to supply actuator assemblies that
are fully representative of those inspected as first article samples. Any changes or deviation of the
production units from the first article samples shall be subject to the approval of the contracting
4.4.1 First article inspection failure. Failure of any first article sample to pass specified
examinations or tests shall be cause for refusal to grant first article approval and to accept
production units until corrective action by the contractor has been approved by the Government.
4.5 Quality conformance inspection.
4.5.1 Sampling. Lot formation. An inspection lot shall consist of all actuator assemblies of one type and
part number, from an identifiable production period, from one manufacturer, submitted at one
time for acceptance.

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