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Page Title: Materials deterioration prevention and control
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Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section IX, Welding Qualifications
Blade, Mine Clearing
Mounting of the moldboard extentions

3.1 Description. The M1 mine clearing blade system (M1 MCBS) is an electromechanically operated
plow installed on the front of the M series rain battle tank (M1 series MBT). When in use the Ml MCBS
clears the two tank track paths of anti-tank mines by moving the mines to the outside of the vehicle track.
The Ml MCBS' dogbone assembly will detonate tilt-rod mines in front of the M1 MBT path.
Requirements for the M1 MCBS shall be in accordance with TA 1322BE5945.
3.2 Drawings. The drawings forming a part of this specification are end product drawings. No
deviations from the prescribed dimensions or tolerances are permissible without prior approval of the
contracting officer, (see table I, examination schedule). Where tolerances could cumulatively result in
incorrect fits, the contractor shall provide tolerances within those prescribed on the drawings to insure
correct fit, assembly, and operation of the MCBS. Any data (e.g. shop drawings, layouts, slow sheets,
processing procedures, etc.) prepared by the contractor or obtained from a vendor to support fabrication
and manufacture of the production item shall be made available, upon request, for inspection by the
contracting officer or designated representative
3.3 First article. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), a sample shall be subjected to first article
inspections (see 4.4 and 6.3). Any changes or deviations of the Ml MCBS from the approved first article
during production will be subject to the approval of the contracting officer. Approval of the first article
will not relieve the contractor of his obligation to furnish a M1 MCBS conforming to this specification.
3.4 Qualification of component. No deviation from vendor item specified in the source control
drawings is permissible without prior approval of the contracting officer or his designated representative in
accordance with (IAW) procurement documentation.
3.5 Materials. Materials shall be as specified in the drawings, referenced specifications and standards.
Materials shall be free of defects. All materials shall be new. Rubber products shall not be more than
eight calendar quarters in age from date of cure of the rubber to date of acceptance of the M1 MCBS by
the Government. All new rubber components which are under tension or which may be flexed shall be
ozone resistant as specified in ASTM D 2000, (see table I, examination schedule).
3.5.1 Materials deterioration prevention and control. The M1 MCBS shall be fabricated from
compatible materials, inherently corrosion resistant or treated to provide protection against the various
forms of corrosion and deterioration that ray be encountered in any of the applicable operating and storage
environments to which the M1 MCBS my be exposed, (see table I, examination schedule).
3.5.2 Identification of materials and finishes. The contractor shall identify the specific material,
material finish or treatment for use with component and subcomponent when options are given on the
drawings. This information shall be wade available upon request to the contracting officer or designated
representative, (see table I, examination schedule).
3.5.3 Dissimilar metals. Dissimilar metals shall riot be used in intimate contact with each other unless
protected against galvanic corrosion. Dissimilar metals and methods of protection are defined and detailed
in MIL-STD-889.

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