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Page Title: Air transportability
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Welders and welding
Blade, Mine Clearing
Final approval and acceptance

3.19.2 Slinging provisions. The slinging provisions shall conform to MIL-STD-209, class 1 or 3,
type II. The provisions shall enable the complete M1 MCBS to be lifted in the normal operation position.
The provisions shall be fastened to members which will withstand stresses in the amount and direction of
pull specified for the provisions without weld failure, permanent deformation, cracking, loosening, or
breaking of the provision or its connecting structural components. Slinging provisions may also be used as
tiedown provisions when such provisions meet the requirements specified in 3.19.1. All slinging/tiedown
provisions shall be labeled "LIFT", "TIEDOWN" OR "LIFT/TIEDOWN", as appropriate, in 1-in
(2.54 cm) high letters, (see table I, examination schedule).
3.19.3 Air transportability. The mine clearing blade shall be air transportable in the C-130, C141,
and C-5A aircraft. The mine clearing blade shall meet the requirements of MIL-STD-1791 for air
transport, (see table I, examination schedule).
3.19.4 Rail transportability. The mine clearing blade shall be rail transportable in CONUS and
NATO countries without restrictions. The M1 MCBS shall be capable of withstanding shock loads
resulting from rail impact testing in accordance with 4.9.3 without failure, damage, or permanent
deformation, (see table I, examination schedule).
3.19.5 Highway transportability. The mine clearing blade, when loaded on a semitrailer/tractor, shall
be within the highway permit limits of all states, (see table I, examination schedule).
4.1 Responsibility for inspection. Unless otherwise specified in the contract or purchase order, the
contractor is responsible for the performance of all inspection requirements (examinations and tests) as
specified herein. Except as otherwise specified in the contract or purchase order, the contractor may use
his own or any other facilities suitable for the performance of the inspection requirements, specified herein,
unless disapproved by the Government. The Government reserves the right to perform any of the
inspections set forth in the specification where such inspections are deemed necessary to assure supplies
and services conform to prescribed requirements.
4.1.1 Responsibility for compliance. All items shall meet all requirements of sections 3 and 5. The
inspection set forth in this specification shall become a part of the contractor's overall inspection system or
quality program. The absence of any inspection requirements in the specification shall not relieve the
contractor of the responsibility of ensuring that all products or supplies submitted to the Government for
acceptance comply with all requirements of the contract. Sampling inspection, as part of manufacturing
operations, is an acceptable practice to ascertain conformance to requirements, however, this does not
authorize submission of known defective material, either indicated or actual, nor does it commit the
Government to accept defective material.
4.1.2 Disassembly inspection. Failure of the first article M1 MCBS components to meet the
requirements of the first article examination outlined herein (see table I and table II) shall be cause for
disassembly. The component(s) will be disassembled to the extent necessary to determine the cause of
failure. This inspection shall be conducted in the presence of a Government representative. Each
disassembled put shall be examined in detail for compliance with this specification and referenced drawings
in regard to materials, dimensions, tolerances, and workmanship. Parts not comply with such

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