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Page Title: Main electrical harness and control system test
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Table II. First article inspection
Blade, Mine Clearing
High temperature test

been installed and operated to the travel position. After installed on the tank, the Ml MCBS shall be
lowered and raised three times to ensure conformance to 3.10.1 herein. Moldboard extensions mounting test. The moldboard extensions shall be installed within five
minutes. Timing for this test will start as crew begins to remove extensions from their stored position. Moldboards mounting test. To verify the M1 MCBS do not interfere with the full operation of
Ml series tank main gun system in its lower depression angle, raise the moldboards to the travel mode and
position the gun system in its lower depression angle. Main electrical harness and control system test.
a. Water leakage test. With the driver inside the tank, 3 gallons of water will be sprayed over the
adapter during a 3 minute period. The installed adapter will be checked for leakage with no
leakage allowed.
b. NBC test. A Delta "P" transducer will be installed in the M1A1 tank. All hatches will be
closed and locked and all other openings will be in the normal configuration. The main NBC
system will be turned on and a reading will be taken to ensure that the vehicle maintains a
minimum crew compartment pressure of 3.7 in. (9 cm) of water. Next, the power cable
adapter block will be installed to the vision block opening and the main NBC system will be
turned on. A reading will be taken to ensure that the vehicle maintains a minimum crew
pressure of 3.7 in. (9 cm) of water.
The criteria will be considered met if, after the water leakage test, there is no sign of leakage to the inside
compartment of the tank and if, after the NBC test, the crew compartment maintains a minimum pressure
of 3.7 in. (9 cm) of water.
4.7.3 Emergency release actuation test. With the blade in the travel position and travel lock safety pin
removed, the driver shall release both moldboards from inside the driver's compartment using the
emergency release cables. Failure of the blade to fall to the plow position will constitute a failure.
4.7.4 Emergency lifting test. With the MCBS resting on the ground, crew members shall install lifting
strap. Timing shall start when strap is installed and timing will end when blade is up into the travel locks.
4.7.5 Plowing depth test. The M1 MCBS shall be tested for adjustment to plowing at the stated depth
requirements. Plow at least three times for 100 feet (30.77 meters) at each stated depth. Plowed area shall
be checked to ensure the blade is plowing at set depth, 90 percent of the time. After plowing examine the
MI MCBS for damage or malfunction.
4.7.6 Travel lock retention test. With the M1 MCBS in the travel mode, drive a minimum of 200 ft.
(61.54 meters) at 30 mph (55 km) three times. For this test do not install the travel lock safety pin. After
each operation examine the travel lock for proper alignment and retention of the moldboard assemblies.
4.7.7 Environmental tests.

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