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Page Title: Functional test
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MIL-C-43044C(ME) )
and the drainage valve on the drum shall be fully opened.  Flow through the
valve shall be initiated by depressing the fill button of the cyclic valve.
Drainage from the drum shall be such that the pressure reading on the drum gauge
shall be not more than 2 psig.  An alternate method is to direct the fluid flow
from the valve into an open drum.  The flow through the valve shall not be less
than 50 gallons per minute (gpm) operating at an inlet line pressure of not more
than 60 psig (no-flow pressure).  The valve shall operate in the open position
seconds.  Valve closure during this interval
for a period of 15 minutes,
shall constitute failure of this test. Functional test.  The test equipment shall be as specified in  Pressure gauges shall be inserted in the brass plug opening at the
venturi throat section of the valve and at the drum gauge connection. The
drainage valve on the drum shall be closed and the OPW fittings shall be fully
opened. The following sequence of operations shall be performed for 1,000
cycles on the first article sample and for 25 cycles on each valve thereafter:
(a) depress fill button of the cyclic valve to start flow, (b) depress stop
button of the cyclic valve to stop flow, (c) depress fill button of the cyclic
valve to start flow, and (d) automatic shutoff of the flow when the pressure at
the venturi throat gauge reads 5
psig.  The no-flow operating inlet line
pressure shall be not more than 60 psig.  The pressure at the drum gauge
and venturi throat gauge shall be recorded simultaneously at different intervals
during flow.  The flow rate through the valve for the first article sample shall
be between 20 and 100 gpm at 20 gpm increments for 200 cycles each increment (80
cycles at -40
F, and 120 cycles at +125
F).  The flow rate through each
valve tested thereafter shall be not less than 50 gpm at ambient room
temperature.  The capacity of the drum shall be such that the time interval
between depressing the fill button and automatic shutoff is 2 minutes,
seconds.  Failure to function properly shall constitute failure of this test.
Leakage test as specified in shall be repeated for the first article
4.6 Inspection of packaging.
4.6.1 Quality conformance inspection of pack. Unit of product.  For the purpose of inspection, a completed pack
prepared for shipment shall be considered a unit of product.
Sampling for examination shall be in accordance with Sampling.
MIL-STD-105. Examination.  Samples selected in accordance with shall be
examined for the following defects.  AQL shall be 1.0 percent defective.
Dust caps and plugs not installed as specified.
Container not in accordance with referenced drawing for level A.
Hose and valve not placed in container as specified for level A.
Strapping not as specified for level A.
Marking illegible, incorrect, or incomplete

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