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Page Title: Responsibility for compliance
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4.1.1 Responsibility for compliance. All items shall meet all requirements of sections 3 and 5. The
inspection set forth in this specification shall become a part of the contractor's overall inspection system or
quality program. The absence of any inspection requirements in the specification shall not relieve the
contractor of the responsibility of ensuring that all products or supplies submitted to the Government for
acceptance comply with all requirements of the contract. Sampling inspection, as part of manufacturing
operations, is an acceptable practice to ascertain conformance to requirements; however, this does not
authorize submission of known defective material, either indicated or actual, nor does it commit the
Government to acceptance of defective material.
4.1.2 Quality assurance terms and definitions. Reference shall be made to MIL-STD-109 to define the
quality assurance terms used.
4.1.3 Inspections. Inspections shall be in accordance with MIL-A-2550 and MIL-STD-453.
4.2 Classification of inspections. The inspection requirements specified herein are classified as follows:
a. First article inspection (see 4.4)
b. Quality conformance inspection (see 4.5)
4.3 Inspection conditions. Unless otherwise specified in the contract or purchase order (see 6.2),
inspection conditions shall be as follows:
Temperature: Room ambient 20 to 25 C (68 to 77 F)
Altitude: Sea level
Humidity: 50 percent relative, maximum
Atmospheric: 14.7 psia
4.4 First article inspection. At the beginning of regular production, the contractor shall submit a first
article sample to a Government approved facility for evaluation. The sample shall consist of 21 assembled
cartridges for ballistics testing including 12 for vibration tests (to be selected from ballistic samples), 5
assembled cartridges for sealant tests, 10 sets of unassembled components for dimensional and visual
examination, and a quantity in accordance with 4.4.2, i.e., cartridges assembled without the igniter and
propellant charge for primer sensitivity test. The first article sample shall be manufactured using the same
materials, equipment, processes, and procedures as used in regular production. All parts and materials,
including packaging and packing, shall be the same as used for regular production and shall be obtained from
the same source of supply. When it becomes necessary to make a change in either the primer, propellant, or
igniter lot after initial production, 12 assembled cartridges from the first production lot thereafter shall be
tested in accordance with 4.7.7. The Government reserves the right to require new first article samples until
such time as an acceptable sample is submitted (see 6.3).
4.4.1 Examination, tests, and facility. After provisional acceptance at source, the sample shall be
inspected for all requirements of the drawings and specifications at a Government laboratory or other such
facility specified in the contract (see 6.2).
4.4.2 Sample size for primer sensitivity. The number of cartridges assembled without igniter or
propellant to be submitted for primer sensitivity tests shall be in accordance with table II.

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