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Page Title: Diesel engine.
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3.8 Power units.
3.8.1 Diesel engine. For the purpose of selecting the engine, the crusher shall be classified
as a Class I end item in accordance with MIL-STD-1410. The diesel engine including all
systems and accessories shall conform to MIL-STD-1410, Class I and as specified herein. A fuel
tank shall be furnished and shall have a capacity for not less than 10 hours operation under any
operating condition specified herein. A standard 12 volt electrical system with l2-or 24-volt
starting motor and heavy duty battery charging alternator shall be furnished. Batteries shall
conform to SAE J537. Instrumentation and controls shall be manufacturers standard commercial
items. Air cleaner. The air cleaner shall be of the dry type conforming to MIL-A-52363,
Class III. The air cleaner shall be provided with a restriction indicator conforming to
MS53063-3. A removable extension tube, not less than 8 feet in length, and removable supports
for mounting the extension tube in a vertical position shall be furnished. The tube shall be
provided with an air-inlet hood. The opening of the tube at the airinlet end shall be covered with
screen wire of not more than 1/8-inch square mesh. The cross sectional area of the tube shall be
not less than 3 times the area of the air duct intake of the air cleaner. The tube and tube supports
shall be stored on the crusher. Clutch and clutch controls. The engine shall be equipped with an overcenter clutch
which shall be accessible for lubrication, adjustment, and replacement of parts. The clutch shall
withstand without deformation or damage repeated engagement under full load when tested as
specified in The lining shall conform to KKK-L-370, Type II and shall be installed in
accordance with the lining manufacturer's instructions. Clutch control shall be accessible from
the operator's platform and also accessible from the ground. Fuel priming pump. When the outlet of the fuel tank is more than 10 feet
(straight line distance) from the most distant injection pump on the engine, and electrical priming
pump shall be provided and shall be mounted in the fuel tank or in the fuel line within 3 feet of
the tank. Rain cap. If the exhaust system is protected against the entry of rain by a rain cap,
the cap shall be of such design that when the cap is closed and subjected to a horizontal wind
from any direction, there will be a force component downward tending to keep the cap closed.
3.8.2 Electric motors. The electric motors shall be 1,800 revolutions per minute (rpm),
440-volt, 3-phase, 60-cycle, ball bearing, squirrel-cageinduction class, continuous rating, totally
enclosed, fan cooled, Design C in accordance with NEMA MG1, integral horsepower, Class A
insulation, temperature rise 55 C. All motors shall be provided with mounting brackets
(see Bearings shall conform to FF-B-171 and shall be a double seal type packed with
grease conforming to MIL-G-23827.

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