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Page Title: Upper fifth wheel and kingpin.
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ratings and capacities shall not be increased to meet the requirements of this specification. The
dolly drawbar shall be in the straight-ahead towing position. The minimum practicable number
of components may be removed to meet the reducible height specified in (f) below.
Total weight
80,000 lb., max.
Fifth wheel load limit
30,000 lb., max.
Axle load limit, each
18,000 lb., max.
Overall length
600 in., max.
Overall width
120 in., max.
Reducible highway transport height
156 in., max.
Ground clearance (SAE J894)
9.5 in., min.
Ground clearance (excluding axles)
with dolly and with either truck-
tractor M9l6 or M920
12 in., min.
64 in 2 inches
Upper fifth-wheel height
Stabilizing jack (front) clearance
radius ("LWC" of SAE J70l)
88 in., min.
Swing radius ("SR" of SAE J70l)
58 in., max.
Kingpin setting range ("KP" of SAE J70l)
21 through
36 in.
3.14.1 Frame. The trailer frame shall be constructed to withstand, without damage or
permanent deformation, the static and dynamic loads imposed by operation and by being
transported as specified in 3.17. Upper fifth wheel and kingpin. The front of the semitrailer shall be constructed so
as to be compatible for coupling with and towing by both the military M920, 20-ton truck-tractor
and the M9l6, trucktractor (see 3.31). The crusher shall be furnished with a removable, auxiliary
fifth wheel adaptor as specified herein. The upper fifth wheel plate shall be of the full-width-
type that permits coupling at any angle up to 75 degrees from straight ahead, and shall cover a
36-inch-diameter lower fifth wheel (see 3.15.1). The upper fifth wheel assembly shall conform
to DOT regulation 293.70. The plate shall be high tensile steel (not less than 50,000 psi yield
point) and shall be not less than 3/8 inch thick. The plate shall include front and side coupling
ramps, having not less than 1-1/4 inch vertical height. Unless the coupling ramps are protected
by a front crossmember and the right and the left frame rails or structural members, drain holes
shall be provided to prevent any collection of water. When selected, the auxiliary upper fifth
wheel adaptor coupled to the crusher shall meet all of the requirements for the upper fifth wheel
of the crusher, including coupling ramps. The upper fifth wheel of the crusher shall be equipped
with an SAE J848 (3-l/2-inch) kingpin for the M9l6 and M920 truck-tractor compatibility and
the adaptor shall be equipped with an SAE J700 (2-inch) kingpin for the other truck-tractor
compatibility. The level crusher fifth wheel heights, with and without the adaptor, shall coincide
with the applicable truck-tractor height as specified in 3.14. The coupled adaptor shall remain

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