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Page Title: Wheel assemblies.
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3.14.3 Wheel assemblies. The semitrailer shall be equipped with single wide base disc
wheels size 22.5 x 14:00 conforming to SAE J876. The wheel shall be equipped with 18 x 22.5,
16-ply rating, wide base tubeless tires having traction-lug tread design. The semitrailer shall be
furnished with one spare wheel with tire, securely mounted, and shall not interfere with any
component of the crusher during travel or operation. The spare shall be located to permit
removal and replacement by not more than two men. The brake drums shall have a wearing
surface of SAE J43l automotive gray cast iron, SAE G3500 or SAE G4000, and shall be of the
antibellmouth type. Wheel assemblies including hubs and brake drums shall be inherently
3.14.4 Chock blocks. Two chock blocks with captive chains and two wire cradles shall be
furnished. The captive chain shall be wound in a figureeight manner around the cradle ears and
the hook snapped to the lower cradle loop. The length of the captive chain shall permit the clock
blocks to be placed ahead of or behind the semitrailer tires. The chock blocks and cradles shall
conform to Figures 2 and 3 respective. Installation of the cradles shall be with the two cradle
ears uppermost and the short loops fastened to an approximately vertical, flat surface.
3.14.5 Brake system. The plant shall be equipped with an immersion resistant air-brake
system in accordance with DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) and DOT
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), as applicable except as otherwise specified
herein. The brake system shall include service and emergency couplings (front and rear), relay
emergency valve, air reservoir, cylinders or chambers, foundation brake assemblies on each
wheel, and all other components and plumbing required for a complete, matched air brake
system. All brake system components and plumbing shall be located, installed, and protected to
prevent damage or malfunction from ground obstructions and debris when transported, from
falling aggregate when operating and to obtain maximum efficiency and ease of maintenance.
Service and emergency couplings shall be the noninterchangeable types, color coded, blue for
service and red for emergency, with a spring-type metal dust cover installed on each coupling to
prevent debris from entering the openings. Metal identification plates conforming to MS53007
shall be installed near each front and rear fixed coupling. The air reservoir shall conform to
SAE J10 and shall have an air storage capacity of not less than two times the recommended air
volume specified for truck trailers in SAE J813. The reservoir shall be equipped with a remote
or manual controlled 90 degree twist drain valve mounted on the low end of the reservior. The
brake assemblies shall be equipped with brake lining selected by the contractor and shall be a
standard size as listed in the Automotive Data Book of the Friction Materials Standards Institute,
Inc. The lining shall be installed on the shoes by use of hardened steel bolts and nuts as
recommended by the lining manufacturer. All metal surfaces enclosed by the brake drum and
the dust shields shall be coated with a black oxide primer. Wedges, pins, cams, rollers, and
anchors shall be coated with a preservative oil. Brake lines. The plumbing of the brake system shall consist of flexible air lines
having reusable fittings. The brake lines shall be routed within the protection of the semitrailer
framing and shall be secured by cushioned support clamps spaced at intervals not greater than
3 feet. Through-frame connections or grommets used in conjunction with clamps shall be

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