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Page Title: Operator's platform.
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terminate on the dolly towbar rearward at least 20 inches, measured from the center of the lunette
eye. All connections during temporary storage and travel when not in use. Electrical and
airbrake components shall be as specified in and shall include hose spring guards and
dust covers on the airbrake rearward intervehicular connections between the dolly and the
semitrailer shall be supported on a truck-tractor-type spring pole. The intervehicular connection
shall have a minimum length of 10 feet, measured from the dolly frame to the semitrailer
connectors and shall allow the dolly to turn as specified in 3.15.2. Plug clips and rigid mount
dummy couplings shall be mounted on the dolly and spring pole to hold both the forward and the
rearward intervehicular coupling hose ends. Forward, intervehicular connections shall be routed
so that dropping of the tailgates of the military dump and cargo trucks shall not cause damage to
the connections.
3.15.7 Safety chains. Two safety chains fitted with grab hooks shall be furnished. The
safety chains shall extend 36 to 42 inches beyond the center of the drawbar lunette eye. The
safety chains shall be in accordance with DOT Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, except that the
safety-chain hooks shall fit the shackles and attachments of the towing vehicles and of the
semitrailer (see
3.16 Operator's platform. The crusher shall be provided with a steel platform which shall
extend across the front and both sides of the jaw crusher opening. The platform shall be not less
than 7 feet in width and not less than 5 feet in length and shall be equipped with hand rails. All
platform flooring shall be made of expanded metal. The platform shall permit access to the
crusher opening and feeder.
3.16.1 Auxiliary components. Access ladders, platforms, and handholds shall be provided to
permit servicing and inspection of all components. An auxiliary steel platform shall be furnished
for servicing the engine.
3.16.2 Controls. The engine clutch control shall be located on the operator's platform and
shall be of the mechanical positive type. Additional provisions shall be made to provide clutch
control from the ground level. Controls for the feeder, grizzly, and conveyors shall be located on
the operator's platform.
3.17 Transportability. The crusher shall withstand impact forces encountered in vehicular,
rail, and air transport as specified herein without damage or permanent deformation.
3.17.1 Vehicle mobility. The crusher shall meet the performance characteristics when
coupled to its dolly converter and when towed by a prime mover, such as the 20-ton M917 dump
truck or crawler tractor(s), and when directly coupled as a semitrailer to a 20-ton, 6 x 6, M9l6
truck-tractor and to a 20-ton, 8 x 6, M920 trucktractor. Highway operation. The crusher shall travel over smooth, hardsurfaced primary
highways at speeds up to 30 mph.

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