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Page Title: Enclosure with integral reservoir of lubricant
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3.18 Lifting and tiedown attachments. All sections separated to meet 3.17.2 and 3.17.3 shall
be provided with lifting and tiedown attachments conforming to 3.22 and 3.23, respectively.
3.19 Electromagnetic interference. The electromagnetic interference emission of the crusher
shall conform the recommended limits specified in SAE J551 when measured in accordance with
SAE J551.
3.20 Lubrication. All surfaces requiring lubrication shall be provided with a means for
3.20.1 Lubricants. The crusher shall operate as specified herein when lubricated with
military lubricants.
3.20.2 Lubrication fittings. Lubrication fittings shall conform to MIL-F-354l, type I, II,
or II. Fittings shall be located in a protected position and shall be accessible to a grease gun
conforming to MIL-G-3859. Accessibility to fittings shall be provided without the removal or
adjustment of accessories or parts. Where oil holes are applicable, they shall have spring-loaded
covers. Panels and plates equipped with hand-operable, quick-disconnect fasteners may be
removed to provide accessibility. Grease fittings on electric motors shall be removed after being
lubricated and replaced with threaded, metal plugs.
3.20.3 Pressure release device. An automatic pressure-release device shall be provided,
where the use of pressure lubricating equipment could damage grease seals or other parts.
3.20.4 Enclosure with integral reservoir of lubricant. Enclosures such as gear cases and
transmission housings which contain a reservoir of lubricants for the lubrication of the parts
enclosed shall be equipped with dipsticks, or sight glass or tube to determine the level of the
lubricant. Each enclosure shall be equipped with a magnetic drain plug not less than 1/2-inch
pipe size and with a means for filling the enclosure with lubricant. The drain plug shall be
located so that removal of the plug will result in complete drainage of the lubricant from the
enclosure. Drainage shall be to the ground when the crusher is in its normal position. Integral
tubes or troughs may be used to convey the lubricant from the drain outlet to the ground.
Accessibility to the drain plug, the filling means, and the lubricant-level checking device shall be
obtained without the removal or adjustment of accessories or parts, except that panels and plates
equipped with hand-operable, quick-disconnect fasteners may be removed.
3.20.5 Grease lubrication. All grease lubrication, including lubrication of sealed bearings,
shall be with greases conforming to MIL-G-10924 or MIL-G-23827, as applicable. The crusher
shall be run-in (broken-in) and delivered with these greases. The bearings shall be cleaned
before lubrication because military greases may not be compatible with other greases. A tag
shall be attached in a conspicuous place to indicate which military grease has been used.

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