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Page Title: Preproduction pack inspection.
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MIL-C-52128C Production test. Operate the crusher for a period of 1 hour without processing
material. Test the brake system in accordance with TTMA RP#12. Any operational difficulties,
breakage, or permanent deformation shall constitute failure of this test.
4.7 Inspection comparison. The Government may select crushers at any time during the
contract production period and subject these crushers to the examination specified in 4.6.1 and
the tests specified in 4.6.2 through to determine that the quality of the selected crusher
is equal to the quality standards established during initial production testing. The inspection will
be performed by the Government at a site selected by the Government. Crushers will be selected
at random from those which have been accepted by the Government and will not include the
previously inspected preproduction model and initial production crushers.
4.7.1 Inspection failure. Failure of any crusher when inspected as specified in 4.7 may be
considered cause for refusal by the Government to continue acceptance of crushers until
objective evidence furnished by the contractor reveals that corrective action has been taken to
eliminate the condition which caused the rejection.
4.8 Inspection of packaging.
4.8.1 Preproduction pack inspection. Examination. Examine the preproduction pack for the defects specified in
Presence of one or more defects shall be cause for rejection. Test. The preproduction pack of crated components for Level A shall be subjected to
the railroad-car test as specified for guided-impact tests in accordance with MIL-STD-1186,
Appendix A. The car shall strike a string of five empty cars with draft gear extended and the
brakes set, at a speed of not less than 10 miles or more than 11 miles per hour. At the conclusion
of the preproduction pack test, the pack shall be examined. Any shifting of contents, loosening
or breaking of holddowns, ties, stays, blocking or bracing, or any visual damage to the
components shall constitute failure of the preproduction pack and shall be cause for rejection.
4.8.2 Quality conformance inspection of pack. Unit of product. For the purpose of inspection, a completed pack prepared for
shipment shall be considered a unit of product. Sampling. Sampling for examination shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-105. Examination. Samples selected in accordance with shall be examined for
characteristics listed in table II the following defects. AQL shall be 2.5 percent defective, for
major defects and 4.0 percent defective for minor defects.

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