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Page Title: Electrical components.
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MIL-C-52128C Engine. The engine and engine accessories shall be preserved in accordance with
MIL-E-10062, level A, type I, method I, using the water and antifreeze procedure for the cooling
system except the antifreeze shall conform to MIL-A-46153. Clutch. With the cover plate removed and with the clutch engaged, all interior
components of the clutch shall be sprayed with a thin film of primer conforming to TT-P-664.
Coating of nonmetallic surfaces shall be kept to a minimum. Clutch control mechanisms not
enclosed shall be coated with Type P-l preservative. The clutch shall be completely disengaged. Instruments. Instruments not protected with a cover or housing shall have the dial
glasses of instruments or the complete panel covered with a fitted piece of 1/4 inch thick
plywood or hardboard and secured in place with tape conforming to PPP-T-60, type IV. Electric motors. Electric motors shall be preserved in accordance with
MIL-E-16298, level A, using the alternate method as specified for assembled machines. Electrical components. Openings. Openings into the starter switches, controls, junction boxes, power
receptacles, lamps, and ends of the intervehicular cable and main feeder cables shall be sealed
with tape conforming to PPP-T-60, type IV. Power cables and reels. Unpainted exterior surfaces of the cable reels shall be
coated with type P-1 preservative. The power cables shall be evenly wound on their reels and
secured to prevent unwinding. Ground-rod assemblies, clamps, and wires. The ground-rod assemblies, clamps,
and wires shall be placed in the container provided. Power cable adaptor assembly. The power cable adaptor assembly shall be placed
in a close-fitting box conforming to PPP-B-636, W6c. Gears. Exposed gears. Exposed gears shall be coated with type P-l preservative or with
primer conforming to TT-P-664. Enclosed gears. Gears operating on lubricating oil (SAE 10, 30, or 50) shall have
the housing filled to the operating level with type P-10, type I, grade as applicable and tagged to
indicate: "The preservative is good for operation. Do not drain until the first required
lubrication change." Gears operating on gear lubricant (SAE 80 or 90) shall be filled to the.
operating level with lubricant conforming to MIL-L-2105, grade as applicable, and tagged

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