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Page Title: Drive chains.
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to indicate: "The lubricant is good for operation." Gears not operating on lubricating oil
(SAE 10, 30, or 50) or lubricant (SAE 80 or 90) shall be filled to the operating level with the
approved lubricant required for operation. The gear housings shall be tagged to indicate: "The
housing is filled to the operating level with the applicable type lubricant." The information shall
be on metal tags or cloth tags conforming to UU-T-8l. The information on the tags shall be
applied with waterproof ink. Drive chains. Exposed chains. Exposed drive chains shall be coated with enough type P-3 or
P-9 preservative to assure penetration of the preservative to the inner surfaces of the rollers, pins,
and bushings. The excess preservative shall be drained, and the entire chain shall be coated with
type P-l preservative. Removed chains shall be coiled, and the coil shall be secured with soft,
annealed wire and wrapped with barrier material conforming to MIL-B-121, type I, grade A,
class 2, secured with tape conforming to PPP-T-60, type IV. Sprockets and other unprotected
surfaces of the drives shall be coated with type P-l preservative. Enclosed chains. Enclosed chains and chain housings shall be preserved as
specified in for enclosed gears and gear housings. Shafts and universal joints. Exposed surfaces of shafts and universal joints shall be
coated with type P-l preservative. Drive belts and pulleys. Drive belts shall be removed or released from tension.
Removed belts shall be preserved in accordance with MIL-P-116, Method IC-l or IC-3.
Unpainted pulley grooves shall be coated with primer conforming to TT-P-664. Conveyor belts and fasteners. Metal belt fasteners shall be coated with varnish
conforming to TT-V-121. The belt shall be released from tension. When the conveyor is
sectionalized, the belt shall be removed and compactly rolled, and the roll shall be secured with
strapping conforming to QQ-S-781, class I, type l or IV, size as applicable, finish B. The straps
shall be placed circumferentially on the roll and the straps tensioned so as not to damage the belt. Technical publications. Technical publications shall be preserved in accordance
with MIL-P-116, Method IC-l or IC-3 and placed in the toolbox. Maintenance tools. Maintenance tools shall be preserved in accordance with the
Level A preservation and packaging requirements of PPP-P-40 and placed in the toolbox. Repair parts. The preservative application criteria and applicable method(s) of
preservation of MIL-P-116 shall be used to preserve the repair parts. The repair parts shall be
placed in the toolbox when space is available or consolidated in boxes as specified in

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