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Page Title: Material deterioration prevention.
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Dissimilar metals.
Chassis, Trailer, Single and Multi - Axle General Specification
Lifting and tie down attachments.

3.4.2 Recovered materials. All equipment, components, and materials incorporated in the
trailer chassis furnished by the contractor shall be new and fabricated using materials produced
from recovered material to the maximum extent possible without jeopardizing the trailer chassis
intended use (see 6.1). The term "recovered materials" shall mean materials which have been
collected or recovered from solid waste and reprocessed to become a quality source of raw
materials, as opposed to virgin raw materials. None of the above shall be interpreted to mean
that the use of used or the furnishing of rebuilt products is allowed under this specification.
3.4.3 Material deterioration prevention. The materials used in fabrication of the trailer shall
be either inherently corrosion resistant and weatherproof or protected from the deteriorating
effects of exposure to the elements. The contractor shall have a written material and material
finishing method, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, which identifies the specific material,
material finish, or material treatment supplied on components and assemblies subject to
weathering to provide protection against various forms of material deterioration in the trailer's
operating and storage environments specified herein.
3.5 Maintainability. Components of the trailer chassis shall be accessible for servicing,
repair, and replacement. The adjustment and replacement of components shall be accomplished
with mimimum disturbance to adjacent components. Where incorrect installation of an item
could cause malfunction of that item or of the system in which it is installed, an unsymmetrical
mounting means shall be provided or the mating parts shall be doweled or matchmarked. Ease
of maintenance provisions shall incorporate features insuring operating clearances in accordance
with SAE J925, and facilitate maintenance and service operations. The trailer chassis shall be
maintainable using only those common mechanic's tools which are listed in the "Mechanic's
Personel Tool Inventory" as defined and published by Study Group S-5, The Maintenance
Council - ATA. The trailer chassis Maintainability Index and Repairability Index, in accordance
with SAE J817, shall be computed and included in the manual. The manuals for the chassis shall
conform to SAE J920.
3.6 Transportability. The loaded trailer chassis at GVWR shall withstand impact forces
encountered in vehicular, rail, marine, and air transport as specified herein without damage or
permanent deformation.
3.6.1 Road transport. The trailer chassis shall comply with the over the road transport
requirements in 3.7.2 and 3.7.3. When secured and loaded on a highway semitrailer, the trailer
chassis shall be acceptable as cargo for road transport in accordance with the ATA National
Motor Freight Classification Rules.
3.6.2 Rail transport. The trailer chassis shall withstand all forces encountered in rail
transport service without damage or permanent deformation. The trailer chassis shall be loaded
on a flatcar to comply with the requirements of the "Rules Governing the Loading of
Commodities on Open Top Cars" of the Association of American Railroads. When specified
(see 6.2, T-4), the chassis shall be subjected to a railroad humping test as specified in
Except for coupling to a trailer train fifth wheel coupler stand, which is incompatible with the
tow eye, the trailer chassis shall conform to the applicable portions of AAR specification M-931.

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