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Page Title: Fungus and moisture resistance.
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Table IV. Military-Commercial Connections.
Chassis, Trailer, Single and Multi - Axle General Specification
Finish treatment and painting

car combination stop and turn signal type, using the same lamp filament, and there is no single
stop lamp circuit. As a result, the trailer's turn signal lamp circuits, YEL (3) and GRN (5), shall
function as both turn signal lamps and stop lamps and the trailer's normal stop circuit, RED (4),
cannot be energized from the military 24-volt system input.
3.16 Fungus and moisture resistance. The electrical circuitry, including all componets and
connections, shall be protected form the effects of moisture and fungus growth by an overall
treatment with varnish conforming to MIL-V-173 or a varnish having 1 percent of
copper-8-quinolinolate (by weight) based on the nonvolatile content of the varnish, with the
following exceptions.
a. Components or circuit elements which are inherently fungus and moisture resistant or
which are hermetically sealed need not be treated.
b. Components or circuit elements whose functions will be adversely affected by the
varnish coating shall not be treated.
When used, varnish shall be applied by spray, brush, or a combination of both to give a
minimum dry-film thickness of 0.001 inch to component and element sufaces previously cleaned
and prepared so that the surfaces are free from all foreign matter which would interfere with the
adherence or functioning of the varnish.
3.17 Electromagnetic interference. The electromagnetic interference emission
characteristics of the equipment shall conform to the recommended limits specified in SAE J551.
3.18 Lubrication. All surfaces requiring lubrication shall be provided with a means for
lubricating as specified herein. Lubrication intervials shall be in accordance with SAE J752, as
recommended by the manufacturers. The equipment shall operate as specified herein when
lubricated with lubricants selected from SAE J754 and, when practical, shall be interchanged or
be replaced by military lubricants (see 6.8). All initial fills of lubricants shall be limited to the
types approved by the component manufacturers. Lubrication fittings shall conform to
SAE J534 and shall be of the threaded type. Fittings shall be located in a protected position and
shall be accessible to a grease gun. Accessibility to fittings shall be provided without the
removal or adjustment of accessories or parts. Where oil holes are applicable, they shall have
spring-loaded covers. An automatic pressure-release fitting shall be provided where the use of
pressure lubricating equipment could damage grease seal or other parts. Enclosures which
contain a reservoir of lubricants for the lubrication of the parts enclosed shall be equipped with
fluid level indication means. A metallic lubrication chart, conforming to SAE J753, shall be
furnished on the drawbar or number 1 crossmember. The chart shall conform to 3.21.3.
3.19 Servicing and adjustment. The contractor shall service and adjust the equipment for
delivery in operational condition for the user. The contractor shall use his commercial checklist
and include at least the following:

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