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Page Title: Electromagnetic interference
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Distributors, Liquid Bituminous Meterial, Tankless-Type, Trailer-Mounted
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3.22 Toolbox. A weatherproof closed compartment or toolbox shall be provided to carry
those tools required to operate and maintain the distributor. Toolboxes, when furnished, shall be
made of steel not less than 0.0747 inch (USS 14 gage) in thickness. The toolbox shall have a
hinged lid and not less than two tension hook-type fasteners that will keep the lid closed when
the toolbox is subject to vibration. The toolbox lid shall open at least 90 degrees from the closed
position and shall remain in the fully open position either by its own weight or by a holding
device. A hasp that will accommodate a padlock with a 3/8-inch shackle shall be provided on
the toolbox. The toolbox shall be fastened to the distributor in a protected position. A drain hole
shall be provided in the bottom of the toolbox. When a weatherproof compartment is built into
the distributor body to carry those tools required to operate the distributor, a portion of the
operator's platform may serve as the compartment lid and need not be hinged to the
compartment. The compartment lid shall be provided with a hasp that will accommodate a
padlock with a 3/8-inch shackle. A drain hole shall be provided in the bottom of the
compartment. When specified (see 6.2), the manufacturer's standard toolbox shall be provided.
3.23 Electromagnetic interference. When specified (see 6.2), the electromagnetic
interference emission and susceptibility characteristics of the distributor shall meet the
recommended limits specified in SAE J55l when measured in accordance with SAE J55l.
3.24 Human factors engineering. The following Society of Automotive Engineers
specification shall apply: J1500 (Universal Symbols), J614 (Dipstick Marking), J925 (Access
Dimensions), J209 (Instrument Face Design). The distributor shall be designed to be operable
and maintainable by 5th through 95 percentile personnel (see SAE J833) who are dressed
appropriate to the environments of interest (32 to 125 F). All valves shall be labeled
open/close, arrows shall be used to indicate direction of rotation, and all valves shall be labeled
with function served by the valve, i.e., "bituminous valve" rather than valve 3. All operator
relevant components shall be labeled in terms that communicate to the operator.
3.25 Workmanship.
3.25.1 Steel fabrication. The steel used in fabrication shall be free from kinks, sharp bends,
and other conditions which would be deleterious to the finished product. Manufacturing
processes shall not reduce the strength of the steel to a value less than intended by the design.
Manufacturing processes shall be done neatly and accurately. All bends shall be made by
controlled means to insure uniformity of size and shape.
3.25.2 Bolted connections. All bolt holes shall be accurately punched or drilled and shall
have the burrs removed. Washers or lock-washers shall be provided. All nuts, bolts, and screws
shall be tight.
3.25.3 Riveted connections. All rivet holes shall be accurately punched or drilled and shall
have the burrs removed. Rivets shall completely fill the hole. Rivet heads shall be of an
approved shape and shall be concentric with the rivet. Rivet heads shall make full contact with

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