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Page Title: Recovered materials.
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Dissimilar metals.
Distributor, Water, Semitrailer Mounted, 6000 Gallon
Cranking and charging system.

3.5.3 Recovered materials. For the purpose of this requirement, recovered materials are
those materials which have been collected from solid waste and reprocessed to become a source
of raw materials, as distinguished from virgin raw materials. The components, pieces and parts
incorporated in the distributor may be newly fabricated from recovered materials to the maximum
extent practicable, provided the distributor produced meets all other requirements of this
specification. Used, rebuilt or remanufactured components, pieces and parts shall not be
incorporated in the distributor.
3.6 Tank. The tank shell, baffles, heads, manhole, vents, and outlets shall be fabricated from
steel or type 304 stainless steel. If steel is used, the interior of the tank surface shall be free of
weld spatter, oil and grease prior to sandblasting. The interior metal surfaces shall be sandblasted
in accordance with SSPC-SP-6 with a surface profile not to exceed 3 mils. The interior surfaces
shall be treated with a self priming non-toxic coal tar material suitable for water tanks within
8 hours of sandblasting. Coating thickness shall be not less than 20 mils dry film thickness
average with a minimum thickness of 16 mils. All areas less than 16 mils shall be recoated to
achieve 20 mils. Shop prime metal surfaces 2 mils dry film thickness if top coating cannot be
applied within the 8 hour period. The manufacturer shall provide a steel sheet thickness for the
tank cylinder which is structurally adequate for his design; however, thickness shall in no case be
less then 0.1644 inch (8 gage). Sheet steel used in the heads shall not be less than 0.1644 inch
(8 gage). The heads shall be concave, convex, or reinforced flat plates and all seams shall be
welded and watertight. Each tank shall have transverse surge plates made of not less than
0.1345 inch (10 gage) sheet steel. The spacing between surge plates and between surge plates
and tank ends shall be reinforced to withstand the surge pressure; and shall permit free flow of
water at the bottom, venting at the top, and access to all sections of the tank. Holes in the surge
plates shall be staggered. The tank shall be provided with a manhole not less than 20 inches in
diameter. The manhole shall be located at the top of the tank and shall be equipped with a hinged,
watertight, quick-clamp-type cover. The low water level indicator mechanism shall be protected
from personnel entering and exiting the tank through the manhole. A ladder or rungs shall be
provided on the tank for access from the ground to the manhole. All operator access areas shall
be equipped with non-skid decking surfaces, and be equipped with handholds that permit use of
arctic mittens. A 3-inch unrestricted opening for overflow and for venting to the atmosphere at
all times shall be provided and shall be protected against surge discharge. The 3-inch opening
shall be located not more than 2 feet from the transverse centerline of the tank. The tank capacity
shall be not less than 6,000 gallons. The finished tank shall contain no materials nor substances
which might leak out or disintegrate and cause the water to become toxic. The material shall have
no adverse affect on the health of personnel when used for its intended purpose.
3.7 Spray system. The spray system shall consist of, but not be limited to, a self-priming
centrifugal pump driven by a liquid cooled diesel engine and necessary piping and controls to
permit the distributor to function as specified herein.

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