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Page Title: Cranking and charging system.
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Recovered materials.
Distributor, Water, Semitrailer Mounted, 6000 Gallon
Manual throttle control.

3.7.1 Pump. A centrifugal pump which is self-priming after initial filling shall be provided.
When operating against a total head of 90 feet and with a 10 foot static suction lift, and when
operating with the suction and discharge ports provided, the pump shall deliver water at a rate of
not less than 600 gallons per minute. When operating against a total head of 125 feet and 10 foot
static suction lift and when operating with the suction and discharge ports provided the pump
shall deliver water at a rate of not less than 200 gallons per minute. The horsepower demand of
the pump under the above conditions shall not exceed the intermittent horsepower rating of the
engine. The pump assembly shall operate for not less than 100 hours without a failure when
operated as follows:
a. At a capacity commensurate with the continuous horsepower rating of the engine.
b. At maximum pump capacity if the continuous horsepower rating of the engine exceeds
the maximum power required by the pump.
3.7.2 Diesel engine. For the purpose of selecting the engine, the water distributor shall be
classified as a class III end item in accordance with MIL-STD-1410. The engine, including all
systems, components and accessories, shall conform to MIL-STD-1410, unless otherwise
specified herein. The engine shall be liquid cooled. All engine accessories shall be furnished by or
approved by the engine manufacturer for this application. The engine shall be capable of
operating on fuels and lubricating oils as specified in MIL-STD-1410. The engine shall comply
with the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board regulations
governing control of air pollution for new motor vehicles and new motor vehicle engines, in effect
for this type of equipment on date of manufacture. The engine shall meet all operational
requirements and conditions specified in table I of MIL-STD-1410, or the engine manufacturer's
recommended operating limits. The engine shall be furnished as a complete power unit, including
housing, instruments, instrument panel, controls, battery and battery box. Exhaust gas or
discharges from the engine shall be directed so that they do not endanger personnel. All hot
surfaces of the engine, including exhaust pipes, exposed to contact by personnel or which create a
fire hazard, shall be guarded or insulated. Engine air induction system. The air induction system shall include a heavy-duty, dry
type air cleaner and an air cleaner restriction indicator in accordance with MIL-STD-1410. Cranking and charging system. The engine shall be furnished with a 12-volt electric
cranking and charging system in accordance with MIL-STD-1410. The battery charging
alternator shall be self-regulated, heavy-duty and shall have a capacity of not less than
25 amperes. The battery shall be size 6-TM. An ammeter shall be mounted on the engine
instrument panel. Engine safety controls. Engine control systems, of the engine shut-off type, shall be
furnished in accordance with MIL-STD-1410 as follows:
a. High coolant temperature.
b. Low lubricating oil pressure.

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