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Page Title: Semitrailer chassis.
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Remote control.
Distributor, Water, Semitrailer Mounted, 6000 Gallon
Rear end protection and wheel splash protection.

truck-tractor. The bracket shall permit quick installation and removal of the panel. All necessary
hardware and installation instructions for the panel and bracket shall be provided with each
3.7.6 Engine ignition switch. The engine shall be capable of being independently started and
stopped from either the remote control panel or the engine control panel.
3.7.7 Engine ignition switch pilot light. The remote control panel and the engine control
panel shall have a red pilot light to indicate when the respective ignition switch is in the on
3.8 Semitrailer chassis. The semitrailer shall have rigidity and strength to withstand
operations as specified herein without permanent deformation or damage and shall conform to the
requirements herein.
3.8.1 Upper fifth wheel. The semitrailer shall be furnished with an upper fifth wheel and
kingpin which provides for the fifth wheel height specified in 3.4.3. The upper fifth wheel plate
shall be of the full width type and shall cover a 36-inch diameter lower fifth wheel. The upper
fifth wheel assembly shall conform to DOT MCSR 393.70. The plate shall include a front
coupling ramp with a minimum of 2-inch vertical height. Design shall prevent collection of water
in the upper fifth wheel. The upper fifth wheel shall be equipped with a kingpin in accordance
with SAE J848. External SAE lubrication fittings shall be provided to permit lubrication of road
and curb sides of the tractor-semitrailer combination while coupled.
3.8.2 Semitrailer front supports. The front supports (landing gear) shall be the vertical and
retractable two-speed type with legs operated and controlled by a handcrank. Each leg shall be
braced and shall be capable of supporting its portion of the fully loaded semitrailer. The supports
shall withstand normal usage without permanent deformation. Legs shall be provided with metal
pads to reduce contact pressure. Supports for the crank extension shaft and clips for holding the
crank when folded shall be provided. Not less than 12 inches of upward and 7 inches of
downward travel from the height of the level trailer shall be provided.
3.8.3 Running gear. A tandem axle and suspension system shall be provided. The rated
capacity of the axles and suspension shall be at least equal to the load imposed by the fully loaded
distributor. Axles. The axles shall be oil lubricated and provided with visual oil level windows. Tires and wheels. All tire and wheel assemblies shall be in conformance to the Tire
and Rim Association Yearbook. The wheels shall be of the demountable disc type. All wheels
and tires furnished shall be identical. Dual wheels shall be provided for each axle. The
recommended tire pressure shall be stenciled near each tire in 1 inch high letters.

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