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Page Title: Identification plates and marking.
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Slinging attachments.
Distributor, Water, Semitrailer Mounted, 6000 Gallon
Weld quality.

3.12 Treatment and painting. The portions of the distributor normally painted shall be
cleaned, treated, and painted in accordance with MIL-T-704, type A. Final color shall be forest
3.13 Toolbox. A lockable weather protected storage compartment(s) or toolbox of sufficient
size to hold all tools and accessories shall be provided.
3.14 Identification plates and marking. Each distributor shall be furnished with an
identification plate showing the contractor's model number, NSN, USA registration number,
vehicle identification number, weight, date of manufacture and date of delivery. The identification
plate shall be permanently affixed to the distributor in a readily accessible and conspicuous
location. Plates shall conform to MIL-P-514 or contractor's standard plates subject to the
approval of the contacting officer. All attachments or components removed or disassembled for
shipment shall be matchmarked for proper reassembly. The distributor and each attachment shall
be identified in accordance with the contractor's standard method.
3.15 Transportation data plate. The transportation data plate shall conform to MIL-P-514,
type III, composition C, of type I, grade A, class 1 material, and, in addition, shall show the
silhouette of the distributor in transport position indicating the center of gravity and the location
and capacity of the lifting and the tiedown attachments. The plates shall be attached by screws,
bolts, or rivets in a conspicuous protected location.
3.16 Stenciling. The gross weight of the distributor shall be stenciled on each side so as to be
discernible. The words "LIFT" and "TIEDOWN", as applicable, shall be stenciled adjacent to
their respective attachments using block letters not less than 1 inch high. Stenciling shall conform
to MIL-T-704.
3.17 Technical publications. Such technical publications as are specified shall be furnished
(see 6.2).
3.18 Repair parts and maintenance tools. Such repair parts and maintenance tools as are
specified shall be furnished (see 6.2).
3.19 Government-loaned property. A military M920, 20 ton, 8x6 truck-tractor will be loaned
by the Government (see 6.4).
3.20 Workmanship. The quality and workmanship of all component parts, including
fabricated parts, machined parts and castings shall be commensurate with sound manufacturing
standards for similar equipment. The vehicles shall be free from all burrs; sharp edges; deleterious
die, tool and metal handling marks; rust, scale, and cracks. All materials used shall be free from
defects. Improper manufacturing or assembling practices, defective components or parts and
assemblies, which have been modified to overcome deficiencies shall not be furnished.
3.20.1 Welding. The surfaces of parts to be welded shall be free from rust, scale, paint,
grease, mill scale that can be removed by chipping and wire brushing, and other foreign matter.

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