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Page Title: Inspection of packaging
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Visual and dimensional examination
Electrodes and Rods - Welding, Bare, Solid and Alloyed Cored, General Specification For

MIL-E-23765B(SH) Welding current.  Welding current used in all weld tests shall be
as specified in the detail specification. Base Plate.  Base plate used in the preparation of welded joints
shall be as specified in the detail specification.
407.105 Flux.  The flux used in depositing test welds with the SAW process
shall be a suitable neutral flux as specified in the detail specification.
4.7.2 Weld tests. Radiographic examination. Groove welds shall be radiographed
accordance with MIL-STD-271, using sensitivity level 2-2T. Mechanical tests.  When required in the detail specification,
tensile and bend test specimens shall be-prepared and tested in accordance-with
AWS B4.0, and impact test specimens in accordance with FED-STD-151. For purposes
of determining conformance with this specification, an observed or calculated
value shall be rounded off to the nearest 1,000 pounds per square Inch tensile
and yield strength and "to the nearest unit" in the last right-hand place of
figures used in expressing the limiting value for other values in accordance
with the rounding-off method in accordance with ASTM E 29.
4.7.3 Chemical analysis.  Chemical composition of the solid bare electrode
or rod (un-deposited) or weld metal deposited by alloyed cored electrodes shall
be determined in accordance with FED-STD-151.
4.7.4 Cast and helix.
Cast and helix shall be determined as specified in
4.7.5 Alloy identity. Procedure.  The alloy identity test method may include chemical
analysis, metal sorting devices, other approved methods, or a combination of
methods .  The test method shall be submitted for approval to NAVSEA. Acceptance criteria.  If the test demonstrates that the material
is not of the type specified, the material shall be rejected.
4.7.6 Unsatisfactory weld metal test results.  If the results of the
first tests involving weld metal are determined to be unsatisfactory, one retest
involving twice the number of specimens originally required may be permitted.
The results of all tests shall comply with the weld metal test requirements.
The retest weldments shall be made using electrodes from the same sampling or
test as those of the initial test.  If the retest is conducted to correct weld-
ing operator error, only the kind of tests that failed need to be retested but
the welding procedure shall be the same as that of the initial test.  If the
retest is conducted to correct welding procedure error, all of the weld metal
tests originally required shall be retested.
4.8 Inspection of packaging.  Sample packages and packs, and the inspec-
tion of the preservation-packaging, packing and marking for shipment and storage
shall be in accordance with the requirements of section 5 and the documents
specified therein.

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