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Page Title: Collimation, Pre-Vibration/Pre-Shock setting
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Shutter lever and on-off switch
Elbow Assembly, Passive : 11733401
Post-Vibration/Post-Shock examination

4.6.5 Vibration/Shock. Collimation, Pre-Vibration/Pre-Shock setting.- Prior to
the Vibration/Shock tests, the elbow assembly shall be positioned and
oriented as in 4.6.6 to insure conformance to 3.6.4. While viewing
through the elbow assembly eyepiece, obtain coincidence of the elbow
assembly reticle boresight cross with the projected target image cross-
lines, by means of the boresight knobs. When coincidence has been
obtained, slip the scales of the boresight knobs to a setting of (4) and
recheck to insure coincidence is not disturbed.
NOTE: Insure that knob scales are not disturbed (re-slipped) from
their original setting of (4) throughout remainder of tests~ Vibration "B". This test shall be performed on elbow
assemblies procured as a repair part item. When the elbow assembly is
provided with a complete periscope this vibration test will not be
required when the complete periscope is to be vibrated. Prior to
performing this test, the elbow assembly shall be subjected to the
test procedure specified in to determine compliance with 3.6.4.
Subsequent to the test of, the elbow assembly shall be vibrated
in accordance with Test Method 514.2, procedure VIII (Tracked Vehicles)
of MIL-STD-81O, except the test level and frequency range shall be as
specified in Vibration shall be applied along each of three
mutually perpendicular axes of the elbow assembly. Vibrating equipment
capable of providing the test level and frequency ranges specified above
shall be utilized for this test. The vibrating equipment shall be in
accordance with the "Tolerance of Test Conditions" specified in the
"General Requirements" of MIL-STD-81O. The vibrating equipment shall
also be capable of vibrating the elbow assembly along three mutually
perpendicular axes while the elbow assembly is maintained in its normal
mounting or operating position (as depicted in the-front view on Sheet 1
of Drawing F11733401). The elbow assembly shall be clamped on the
vibrating equipment by means of an appropriate adapter having the same
interface features as Periscope: M32E1, M35E1 and M36E1. Prior to
vibration, the image intensifier tube and the reticle projector lamp
shall be energized in accordance with the After allowing a 15
second tube stabilization period, the screen surface of the tube shall be
illuminated and the reticle pattern shall be projected into the optical
system when observed through the elbow assembly eyepiece. The elbow
assembly shall then be vibrated in accordance with the test procedure
specified above and swept logarithmically for the time period specified
in During each vibration sweep cycle, the screen surface of
the tube and the reticle pattern shall be monitored to assure that there
is no failure or flicker of light emission from the image intensifier
tube nor the reticle projector lamp. Immediately following the vibra-
tion cycle, and prior to the examination for-physical defects resulting
from poor workmanship and materials, the elbow assembly shall be
subjected to the test in and then to the test in Elbow
assemblies that have passed the above tests shall then be subjected
to the tests specified in 4.6.6, 4.6.7 and 4.6.8. Post-Vibration/Post-Shock collimation.- Subsequent to
Vibration/Shock test, the elbow assembly shall be repositioned as in

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