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Page Title: Resolution, on axis - (failed assembly)
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Parallelism if image and reticle
Elbow Assembly, Passive : 11733401
Projected reticle pattern

knobs. When coincidence has been established, proceed with the cycling
as described in 3.6.7. During each on cycle, the projected target image
with respect to the elbow assembly reticle shall be observed for repeata-
bility of the coincident setting established above. At the expiration
of each on cycle, any adjustment of the boresight knobs to reestablish
coincidence of the reticle boresight cross and the projected image
crosslines shall not exceed the value specified in 3.6.7, as measured on
the boresight knob scales. Resolution, on axis. - Position Slide #10 of Lamp "K"
such that Filter "A" is in the optical line-of-sight. This will provide
the projected resolution target of 22 L-pr/mn with a background luminance
of 1 to 5 x 10-3 ft-1 and a contrast of 2.0 or greater. View through
the elbow assembly eyepiece with the unaided eye and obtain best focus
of the resolution target, by means of the eyepiece diopter adjustment
ring. The resolution target shall have the detectable line structure
and proper line count when observed through the eyepiece. Perform the
above test with Filter "C" positioned in the optical line-of-sight.
This will provide the projected resolution of 4 L-pr/mm with a background
luminance of 6 x 10-5 ft-1 and a contrast of 2,0 or greater. Resolution,
on axis, of the elbow assembly shall conform to the requirements specified
in 3.6.10. If assembly fails this test, perform test specified
CAUTION: The image tube must be erased (completely discharged),
the observer dark adapted for not less than 15 minutes
before performing the resolution tests. Resolution, on axis - (failed assembly). -
a. Remove image intensifier tube from failed assembly.
Assemble tube into a production Elbow Assembly, 11733401 that meets the
requirements and calibration instructions set forth on Drawing D11738130.
b. Perform resolution test on calibrated-production elbow as
set forth in If the assembly passes the resolution test, the
production elbow from which the tube was removed, shall be rejected. If
the assembly fails resolution test, reject tube. Luminance gain.- Position Slide #10 of Lamp "K" such
that Filter "B" is in the otical line-of-sight. This will provide
target liminance of 5 x 10-4 ft-1. Perform this test utilizing the
photometer specified' in The photometer shall be eyecorrected
and positioned such that it intercepts the line-of-sight from the elbow
assembly eyepiece. The eye-corrected photometer shall be used to measure
luminance gain by comparing the luminance seen by the elbow assembly
with the luminance at the elbow assembly eyepiece. During the test,
the gain control knob shall be turned fully clockwise. The gain is the
ratio of the luminance at the eyepiece divided by the target luminance.
Luminance gain shall be not less than the value specified in 3.6.11.
A.6.6.22 Luminance gain control.- This test shall be performed
during the luminance gain test in Rotate the gain control
knob clockwise from the full counterclockwise on position specified in The gain shall increase in accordance with the requirement of

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