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Page Title: Inspection Equipment
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Ballistic Test (see 3.5)
Fuze, Rocket: Point Detonating, SQ and Delay, M440 Loading, Assembling and Packing
Preparation For Delivery

MIL-F-48067 (MU)
4 . 3 . 4 I n s p e c t i o n  E q u i p m e n t . - Equipment Tabulation Number ET-9268198
identifies the inspection equipment required to perform the examinations and
tests prescribed in this section.  The contractor shall design inspection
equipment in accordance with the instructions of Paragraph 6.3. G o v e r n m e n t R i g h t s t o D o c u m e n t a t i o n . - Inspection equipment
drawings and lists provided and revised in accordance with the requirements
of the ET may be used by DOD activities for design, procurement, manufacture,
testing,  evaluation,  production  and  receiving  inspection,  overhaul,  shipping,
storage of replacement parts, inspection of items at overhaul, general main-
tenance of equipment, construction, survey and whenever inspection equipment
drawings are needed.
4.4 T e s t M e t h o d s a n d P r o c e d u r e s
4.4.1 R a d i o g r a p h i c Inspection.
-  Fuzes  shall  be  radiographed  perpen-
dicular to the longitudinal axis.  Inspection for armed or partially armed
fuzes and inspection for broken or missing components may be made simul-
4 . 4 . 2 B o o s t e r F u n c t i o n i n g .  - The assembled fuze shall be armed on a
centrifuge by application of 40.0 gravities "g's" maximum for a minimum of
three (3) seconds which simulates a rocket launching. Radiographic inspec-
t i o n s h a l l b e u t i l i z e d t o v e r i f y t h a t e a c h unit is armed and has no defec-
tive  or  missing  internal  parts.  For  functioning,  each  fuze  shall  be  post-
tioned vertically on top of an aluminum witness block.  Each fuze shall be
functioned by dropping a fifty (50) to fifty-one (51) pound weight from a
height of 5.0 feet to 5.5 feet onto the nose of the fuze in the "Superquick"
mode. The weight shall be dropped only once. High order detonation shall
be determined by a 0.20 inch minimum dent i n  t h e  c y l i n d r i c a l  w i t n e s s  b l o c k
(1.5 inch minimum heiqht by 2.0 inch minimum diameter of 2011 - T3 aluminum).
This test is dangerous and must be performed behind a suitable
4 . 4 . 3 B a l l i s t i c T e s t .  - The complete fuze (in "Delay" mode) with war-
head and rocket motor shall be fired from a launcher to impact a target
bunker at a minimum range of 1000 feet. The launch fixture shall use a
Standard 2.75 Inch Rocket Launcher (or equivalent) which has an inside dia-
meter of 2.822 .010 inches and a detent to restrain the rocket until a
thrust of 200 10 pounds is developed.  Each launch fixture shall be in-
spected for compliance with the required diameter and release force a minimum
of one per month.
Defective launcher components shall be replaced as needed.

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