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Page Title: Setback weight spring set.
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MIL-F-63281A (AR) Visual and mechanical inspection.  The visual, manual,
and mechanical inspections and tests shall verify compliance with
the requirements of Sections 3 and 5 of this specification in
accordance with 4.4.2 herein and Table III.
4.5.2 Check test for deterioration of detonators.
If the total
time between original acceptance of any detonator lot and the
assembly of that lot into the fuzes exceeds two years, at any time
since previous tests, the detonator lot shall be subjected to and
must satisfactorily pass the functioning and output tests specified
in MIL-D-45495 immediately before the detonator lot is assembled
into the fuzes.  The test shall be performed by the contractor on
detonators randomly selected by a Government Inspector.  The test
shall be conducted at Government expense without cost to the
contractor who loaded the detonators or the contractor who is to
assemble the detonators into the fuzes.  The test shall not
constitute a basis for fuze lot rejection against either contractor
except where deterioration has occurred as a direct result of
carelessness in handling, storage, etc., permitted while the
detonator lot was under the jurisdiction of either contractor.
4.5.4 Spring embrittlement.  The spring shall be stretched
along its longitudinal axis in the case of a coil spring, or bent in
the case of a flat spring until the spring no longer returns to its
original position.  When the spring no longer returns to its
original length or profile, it shall be considered distorted
permanently.  Any spring that breaks prior to this point shall be
Classed defective.
4.5.5 Setback weight spring set.  The spring shall be measured
at their original free length, assembled in a restraining fixture in
accordance with 4.4.4 and compressed to a normal height of .75-
inches, placed in an oven and subjected to a temperature of not more
than 180 degrees fahrenheit (Fe) or less than 175F for 24
hours.  The springs shall be removed from the oven and be cooled to
ambient temperature.  After cooling the springs for 24 hours
minimum, the springs shall be measured and the measurement shall be
compared to the original free length to ascertain compliance with
the specified requirement.  Any spring that fails the requirement
shall be classed defective.
4.5.6 S&A mechanical tests. Load test of No. 1 gear and pinion assembly.  Apply the
axial load perpendicular to the No. 1 gear and in such a direction
as to test the assembly of the No. 1 gear and pinion.  The required

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