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 Material deterioration prevention and control
Hypochlorination Unit, Water Purification, Frame Mounted, Automatically Controlled 2 to 350 GPM Flow
Range-adjusting valve

newly fabricated from recovered materials to the maximum extent practicable,
provided the unit produced meets all other requirements of this specification.
Used , rebuilt or remanufactured components, pieces and parts shall not be
incorporated in the unit.
Threads shall be in accordance with FED-STD-H28.
3.4 Threads.
3.5 Environmental conditions.
The unit shall not be damaged by storage under the following
3.5.1 Storage.
conditions :
Air temperature
High - +160 "F (+71 "C), time period 4 hours.
Low  ­ -30 "F (-34 C), time period 6 hours, no solar radition.
The hypochlorinator shall perform as specified herein in
3.5.2 Operating.
any ambient temperature from 120 "F to 32 "F.  The unit shall function properly
when operated in desert environment conditions, especially blowing sand.
The hypochlorinator sball consist of a hydraulically
3.6 Hypochlorinator.
operated balanced diaphragm or single acting diaphragm with spring return,
chemical feed pump, automatically controlled by connection to a water meter.
The load placed on the water meter shall not exceed 8 inch-ounces: and no
inaccuracy of metering shall result from the connection to the hypochlorinator .
The diaphragm Shall be Hypalon or Viton and the purnping chamber shall be poly-
vinyl chloride or Tyril.  The suction and discharge valves shall be the poppet
type and shall be corrosion-resisting metal, plastic, Teflon, polyvinylchloride ,
or Viton.  A manual dosage adjustment shall be provided for varying the hyrpo-
Water for
hlorite solution treated water ratio over a maximum 5:1 range.
operating the hypochlorinator shall be taken from the water being treated at a
rate not to exceed 0.6 gallons per minute (gpm).  A range-adjusting valve shall
be located in the main water line.  A drain nipple for attaching a 3/4-inch
plastic tube shall be provided in the overflow chamber for dispusing
The unit shall operate against line pressures up to 100 psig and
The hypochlorinator shall automatically
shall treat flows of 2 to 350 gpm.
proportion the pumping rate to within +10 percent for any one setting of the
range-adjusting valve.  The main inlet­and outlet connection for the water being
treated shall be fitted with standard 4-inch NPT class 125 cast iron companion
flanges in accordance with WW-F-406, ANSI B 16.1 or ASTW A 126, class B material.
3.7 Hypochlorite-solution reservoir.  The hypochlorite-solution reservoir
shall be a frame-mounted tank having a capacity of 6 gallons, +1 pint.
material shall be polyethylene conforming to ASTM D 1248, type I, class A,
category 2, or L-P-390, type I, class H, grade 3, rated for Continuous Service
at 180 `F (82 "C).  The dimensions shall be 18 inches long by 4 inches wide by
18 inches deep.

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