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Page Title: Bolted connections
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Instruction plates
Hypochlorination Unit, Water Purification, Frame Mounted, Automatically Controlled 2 to 350 GPM Flow
Quality Assurance Provisions

joined by fillet welds shall be brought into as close contact as possible and in
no event shall be separated by more than 0.1875 inch unless appropriate bridging
techniques are used.  Weldments,  including weld beads, shall be of homogeneous
appearance and form without spattering or other irregularities, complying with
the size, configuration and other dimensional requirements to develop the full
strength of the parts joined by the welds.  No cracks of any type are permitted.
All welding is to be produced by either AWS or ASME code qualified welders, and
Unless otherwise specified
welds shall be in accordance with the same code.
(see 6*2), the welding process used in fabrication of the unit shall be at the
option of the contractor.
Before assigning any welder or welding operator to welding Welders.
work covered by this specification, the contractor shall obtain certification
that the welder has passed qualification tests as prescribed by either of the
following listed codes for the type of welding operations to be performed by
that particular welder or welding operator and that such qualifications is
effective as defined by the particular code:
ANSI/AWS D1.1, Structural Welding Code, Steel.
ANSI/AWS D1.2, Structural Welding Code, Aluminum.
ANSI/ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section IX, Welding
Contractors who make only horizontal welds need not qualify welders for "all
position welding."  The certification shall be made available for review upon
req uest by che contracting officer or the contracting officer's representative,
The Government reserves the right to request the recertification of any welder
or welding operator
3.20.4  Bolted connections.  Boltholes shall be accurately formed and shall
have the burrs removed.  Washers or lockwashers shall be provided where
All fasteners shall be correctly torqued and shall have full thread
engagements .  Bolts shall protrude at least 2 full threads and not more than 4
full threads past the mating nut or female threaded part.
Rivets shall completely fill the holes.
3.20.5 Riveted connections.
heads shall be full, concentric with the rivet holes, and in full contact with
the surface of the member, and shall be in accordance with SAE J492.
Diagrams, charts, and plates should be
3.20.6 Diagrams, charts, and plates.
Labels , as required for components, requiring
attached as specified in 3.17.1.
adhesive shall be applied to give a surface free of wrinkles, bubbles, or other
defects that may cause the plates or labels to become loose or damaged.
3.20.7 Cleaning.  The unit shall be thoroughly cleaned of all cutting oil,
residue of test, grease, dirt, metal scrap; and other contaminants"
shall be accomplished in a manner that will not leave a residue or otherwise
make the unit unsuitable for its intended use.

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