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Page Title: Static Loading Tests
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MIL-L-81795 (AS)
Static Loading Tests - The launcher center section Drawing Number
30003 356AS224, shall be unloaded and suspended from a-pylon having 14 inch"
suspension.  Simultaneous application of a 3700 (+ or -10) pound load to the side
(horizontal) and a 5660 (+ or -20) pound load downward shall be achieved in such
a manner that the loads are equally divided among the seven launching tubes and
are uniformly distributed over the length of each.  The axes of the applied loads
shall intersect on the centerline of the launcher package at a point midway between
suspension hangers.  The center section shall then be subjected to a force of
4430 (+ or -20) pounds acting from rear to front along the centerline of the
launcher package.  The load shall be evenly distributed over the face of aft
bulkhead and the reaction to this load shall be evenly distributed-through both
hanger lugs.  Test samples shall withstand the specified loads without structural
failure. Following thest tests, the launching tubes must be straight enough
to permit easy loading and detenting of rockets. Refer to paragraph
Ground Firing Test - The launcher, in the Flight Configuration, shall
be mounted on a pylon with 14 inch suspension. A full complement of live
rockets shall be successfully fired from the launcher with fairings installed.
All rockets must ignite and leave the launching tubes in a normal manner. Widely
separated rocket flight paths shall not be considered cause of rejection of the
launcher package.  The launcher package shall remain intact on the pylon and
sustain no damage except darkening of the exposed surfaces.
Flight Tests - The launcher, in the Flight Configuration, loaded
with nineteen 2.75 FFAR and fairings shall be installed on a bomb rack having
14 inch suspension and flown at high Q, maximum performance of the aircraft, to
determine conformance with the requirements of 3.4 and demonstrate ability to
withstand air loads imposed by high performance aircraft.  Prior to the Flight
Test, the launcher Shall be inspected to determine fit and compatibility with
the aircraft.  The fully loaded launcher shall then be flown and air fired. There
shall be no damage to the aircraft from fairing disintegration or launcher debris
which may require replacement of aircraft skin.  The above tests apply to
preproduction samples only.
Preparation For Delivery
Preservation, Packaging, and Packing - Unless otherwise specified in
the contract or order, preservation, packaging, and packing shall be in accord-
ance with levels A, B, or C as defined herein, the applicable level to be
specified in the contract or order (see 6.2).
Levels A and B - If the contract or order specified levels A or B,
each launcher shall be preserved and packaged in accordance with method II
of Specification MIL-P-116,
Level C - When level C is specified, each launcher shall be preserved
and packaged in accordance with the manufacturer's commercial practice. It
shall be the responsibility of the contractor to afford a level of protection
adequate to prevent damage to the launcher during transit from the contractor's
plant to the first destination.

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