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Page Title: Recycled virgin and reclaimed materials
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Other Government documents. drawings and publications
Launcher, Rocket LMU-23 A/E and LMU-23B/E
Test equipment and inspection facilities

3.2.1 Recyc led virgin and reclaimed materials.  There is no exclusion to the
use of recycled or reclaimed materials and no mandate for the use of virgin
materials provided it meets the requirements of this specification.
3.3 Design and construction.  The launcher shall be of the design,
construction, and physical dimensions specified on the drawings and
specifications listed on DL1335AS380 and DL1335AS850.
3.4 Environmental co nditioning.  The launcher shall be capable of exposure
to high temperature, low temperature, and humidity without degradation of
performance (see 4.6.2, 4.6.3, and 4.6.4).
3.5 Performance.
3.5.1 Recycle tim e and amperage (M101).  When operated with a fully charged
battery, the time required for monitored voltage to regain a level of 195 20
volts direct current (Vdc) for subsequent actuation shall be not greater than 150
seconds.  The amperage from the battery, at the end of this time, shall be not
greater than 55 milliamperes (see 4.6.5).
3.5-2 Firing pin pe netration (M102).  When actuated, the firing pin shall
produce a 0.015 inch minimum deep depression without rupture in the percussion
primer of the PVU-3B/E igniter, Drawing 1335AS260, or the PVU-3A/E igniter,
Drawing 1335AS275 (see 4.6.6).
3.5.3 Discharge t ime and voltage test (Ml03)
After removal of the enable
plug, the time for the voltage drop from 195 20 volts to not greater than 50
volts shall be not greater than 4 seconds (see 4.6.7).
3.6 Workmanship.  The workmanship requirements are as specified on the
drawings and the following.  Workmanship and finish shall be in accordance with
the highest grade practice used in manufacturing military weapons. Finished
items and parts shall not exhibit poor material and processing such as seams,
laps, laminations, cracks, visible steps, sharp edges, nicks, scratches, burrs,
deformations, and missing operations which may affect serviceability, functioning,
operation, appearance, or safety.  Fins and other extraneous metal shall be
removed from cast or forged parts.  Hammering to shape, salvage operations
(including repair by welding), or other similar practices shall not be permitted
without prior approval of the contracting officer.  No part or assembly shall
contain chips, dirt, grease, rust, corrosion, or any other foreign matter.
4.1 Respo nsibility for inspection.
Unless otherwise specified in the
contract or purchase order, the contractor is responsible for the performance of
all inspection requirements (examinations and tests) as specified herein.
Except as otherwise specified in the contract or purchase order, the contractor
may use his own or any other facilities suitable for the performance of the
inspection requirements specified herein, unless disapproved by the Government.
The Government reserves the right to perform any of the inspections set forth in
this specification where such inspections are deemed necessary to ensure supplies
and services conform to prescribed requirements (see 6.2).

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