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Page Title: Terminal boxes and terminal box covers
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MIL-M-17413A(NAVY) Curing. - All commutators shall be cured at higher than operating temperatures and shall
be of Such thoroughly solid construction throughout as will insure that they will hold their shape in service
and obviate the necessity of frequently dressing the commutators on account of high bars or flat spots.
3.2.22 Brush holders. - Staggering. - In general, brush holders shall be staggered in pars so as to insure even
wear of commutator. Accessibility. - Brush holders shall be readily accessible for adjustment and renewal of
brushes and springs. Adjustability. -  The brush holders shall be installed so that the angular position around the
motor shaft of all brush h elders may be adjusted. The construction shall also provide for maintaining the
spacing of the various holders at all times during adjustment. Means shall be provided to prevent loosen-
ing and shifting of brush holders under vibration and spring pressure. Brush setting. - The correct brush setting shall be plainly indicated by corresponding
permanent marks on the brush holder yoke and the motor frame or end brackets.
3.2.23 Terminal boxes and terminal box covers. -  Terminal boxes shall be provided and shall be
securely bolted or welded to the f ram e. The use of pipe nipples where they are necessary or where motors
are to be used in inaccessible locations is acceptable.
3.2.24 Connections and terminals. - Securing connections. - All connections liable to become loosened by vibration shall be
provided with locking devices satisfactory to the bureau or agency concerned. Connections and leads shall
be secured in a reliable manner to prevent their coming in contact with moving parts or being chafed by
contact with stationary parts. All excess solder shall be removed from soldered connections. Field connections. - In general, and where practicable, all field connections shall be made
on the front (commutator) end. In split-frame motors, the field connections which must be broken for
disassembly shall be readily accessible. Securing terminal leads. - The terminal leads shall not be attached to the end brackets. Cable connectors. - The end of each motor lead shall be fitted with a connector for joining
Unless otherwise specified in the contract or order,
the motor lead to the supply circuit cable or wire.
the power cables and the terminal lugs for connecting motor leads to power cables shall not be supplied by
the manufacturer. Flexible  leads. - All terminal leads shall be of flexible, stranded cable or wire. An
insulating sleeve or other suitable means shall be provided to prevent abrasion of the lead insulation by
metallic edges of the motor frame, terminal box, piping or cable clamp.
3.2.25 Frame, armature and terminal markings. - The manufacturer's serial number shall be
stamped (or otherwise permanently marked in the solid metal of the frame underneath (covered by) the
main identification plate. The part number, or other information sufficient to completely identify one
armature, shall be stamped (or otherwise permanently marked) on the shaft or armature core. The
marking of armatures and field coils shall identify the manufacturer and the style and type of motor. Motor
leads shall be permanently marked with designating letters which correspond to the markings shown on the
diagram of connections for the motor and for the controller used therewith. Terminal markings shall be
in accordance with Specification JAN-E-251.
3.2.26 Interchangeability. - All similar parts, including repair parts, of corresponding apparatus
furnished on the same order or built to the same drawings, shall be strictly interchangeable without the
necessity of further machining, selective assembly or hand fitting of any kind.

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