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Page Title: Master drawings
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MIL-M-17413A(NAVY) Shafts. - Except where double-sealed ball bearings are used, the shaft shall be provided
with deflecting flanges or slingers so as to prevent the escape of lubricant from the bearing housing and
its suction into the electrical windings under my operating service conditions. Master drawings. -  In addition to the requirements of 3.5, master drawings shall conform
to figure 2, in form and general arrangement and shall contain the following minimum data:
(a) Schematic wiring diagram of motor windings, with directions covering connections
for operating clockwise and counterclockwise rotation or both.
(b) An assembly end and side view showing al1 parts of the motor identified with piece
numbers in the list of materials. The assembly side view shall show a longi-
tudinal section of the motor above the centerline. The assembly end view shall
show a transverse quarter section above the centerline. These assembly views
shall show the following information:
(1) Bearing housing construction, fits and tolerances.
(2) Sectional view of commutator, brush rigging and brushes indicating
brush rake (angle with respect to commutator), design and materials
of all brush rigging and brush holder stud insulation, and methods of
supporting brush rigging, brush holders, brush holder studs and
brushes against excessive deflection due to high impact shock. If
necessary for clarity, a separate detail shall be included on the
(3) Method of retaining commutator core, sleeve rings, and armature core
to shaft. Where a press fit is used to secure the rings or cores to
the shaft the interference fit and minim urn pressure to force the core
or rings on the shaft should be shown.
(4) Sectional view of shunt field, series field, if used, and commutating
(5) Baffles.
(6) Method of attaching terminal box to frame.
(7) Method of bringing cables out of frame into terminal box and the method
of protecting these cabies against chafing at sharp metallic corners.
(8) Method of clamping motor leads in the terminal box to prevent strain
on internal connections and method of protecting lead insulation
against abrasion by the clamp.
(9) Dimensions, drilling and tapping of terminal box, and the number of
size of cover bolts. (For submarine applications see 3.7. 6.)
(10) All overall dimensions including mounting, shaft extensions and key.
(11) Direction of mounting.
(12) Direction of air flow.
(13) Lifting means where required (see 3.2. 28).
(14) All details required by this specification and not covered in the foregoing
{c) A detailed working drawing of the shaft.
(d) Design requirements, guaranteed performance (load, efficiency, amperes) for 2/4,
3/4 and 4/4 loads.
(e) Armature diameter and core length.
(f) Commutator diameter, length, wearing depth, depth of undercutting of mica
segments, minim urn distance to ground.
Government and manufacturer's brush grade, Government form number,
of brushes per stud, number or studs and grade of brush and manufacturer.
(h) Number of main poles and nominal air gap, number of commutating poles and
nominal air gap.
(i) Table of armature winding data and insulation of coils, including the following
(1) Number of slots.
(2) Number of commutator segments.
(3) Number of single coils.
(4) Conductor copper.

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