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Page Title: Ball bearings
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MIL-M-17413A(NAVY) Ball bearings. - The ball bearings shall be of such type as to permit replacement with any
of the types specified For bearings which are replaceable by the type of bearings specified in
3.6. 1.9 (a), provisions for greasing shall be furnished (see 3.2.19. 1). The axial movement of the shaft
shall be not more than 0.045 inch including bearing end play, when the application does not require the
end play to be minimized. Radio noise. - If specified, (see 6.2) the requirements of 3.6. 1.7 shall apply. Master drawings. - In addition to the requirements of 3.5, meter drawings shall conform
to figure 3 form and general  arrangement and shall contain the following minimum data
(a) An outline drawing showing side and end views and giving the following dimensions:
overall, mounting bolt holes, tapped holes, bolt spacing, shaft extension, key
and keyway.
(b) Armature diameter and core length.
(c) Commutator diameter, length, wearing depth, depth of undercutting of mica segments.
(d) Government and manufacturer's brush grade, Government form number,
number of brushes per stud, number of studs and grade of brush and manufacturer.
(e) Number of main poles and nominal air gap, number of commutating poles and
nominal air gap.
(f) Table of armature winding data and insulation of coils, including the following
(1) Number of slots.
(2) Number of commutator segments.
(3) Number of single coils.
(4) Conductor copper.
(5) Conductor insulation and Government specification.
(6) Turns in series per coil.
(7) Feet of wire per coil.
(8) Total weight of copper in armature (pounds).
(9) Insulation of coils.
(10) Resistance in ohms at 25C.
(g) Development of armature winding.  A partial diagram is sufficient provided it
establishes the winding pattern and shows dummy coils if any.
(h) Cross-sectional view of armature slot showing insulation used.
(i) Treatment of wound armature. Number of dips, bakes (including baking temperature
and period of backing), and Government grade of varnish.
(j) Table of field winding data for all fields, including the following information:
(1) Conductor copper.
(2) Conductor insulation and Government specification.
(3) Conductors in parallel.
(4) Turns per coil.
(5) Feet of wire per coil.
(6) Pounds of wire per coil.
(7) Resistance/coil in ohms at 25C.
(k) Cross-sectional view of all field coils showing insulation used.
(l) Treatment of field coils. Number of dips, bakes (including baking temperatures
and period of baking) and Government grade of varnish.
(m) Table of insulation materials showing material used, thickness and applicable
Government  specifications.
(n) Guaranteed performance at 2/2, 3/4 and 4/4 load including line amperes and percent
of efficiency.
(o) Title and classification block as required in (x) and (y).
(p) Weight of complete motor in pounds.
(q) Stock number for motors.
(r) Detailed working drawing of the shaft.
(s) List of repair parts and tools with manufacturer's part numbers and Government
stock numbers.
(t) Phantom view of grease cup with note indicating that it is a repair part item only.

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