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Page Title: Table VII - Sampling for selective tests.
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4.2 Service A. -
sampling shall be in accordance
4.2.1 Sampling. -
4.2.1 Sampling procedure for selective  tests (at the Place of manufacture) .- Motors shall be
selected by Government inspector in accordance with table VII. The inspector  may at his discretion
require these tests to be made on additional motors if the routine tests show-large variations from the
accepted design and performance.
Table VII - Sampling for selective tests. Sampling procedure for periodic tests (at the place of manufacture). - The first motor of
a design and size offered f or delivery on a contract or order shall be subjected to the specified periodic
tests. Thereafter, one mot or of identical design and size shall be selected during each-calendar year
during which such motors are offered for delivery. If the Government inspector is satisfied that the
motors conform to the requirements of this specification, he may waive the subsequent periodic tests.
The subsequent periodic shock tests shall be waived in all cases except where there has been a change
in design which affects the shockproof characteristics. A periodic test will be required after any
change in design which affects the performance characteristics. If routine and selective test data
reveal variations beyond a normal manufacturing tolerance, the Government inspector may require that
any or all of the periodic tests be made on a particular motor to demonstrate that it conforms to this
4.2.2 Inspection (at the place of manufacture). - Motors. -  Each motor shall be subjected by the Government inspector to a thorough
examination to ascertain that the material, workmanship, and design are in conformance with this
specification.  The fit of parts shall be observed with particular reference to the interchangeability of
such parts as are likely to require replacement during the normal service life of the motor. Repair parts. - All motor repair parts shall be subjected to a careful examination to
ascertain that the materials, workmanship, and finish are first-class in every respect and that they
conform fully to the manufacturer's approved drawings. The principal object of this inspection shall be
to determine if the repair parts are exact duplicates of those used in the motor. If the Government
inspector has reason to doubt the ready interchangeability of the repair parts with the original motor
parts he may require a suitable demonstration of such interchangeability.
4.2.3 Tests. - Motors shall be tested l at the manufacturer's plant in the presence of the Government
inspector. Those tests that require assembly with driven auxiliary for which the motor Is designed may
be conducted at either the plant of the auxiliary manufacturer or the motor manufacturer. It shall be
the responsibility y of the prime (contractor to insure that tests required on assembled units are made.
The manufacturer shall make, previous to tests to be witnessed by the inspector, sufficient tests to

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