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Page Title: Routine tests.
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4.2. 3.1 Routine tests. -
4.2.2. 1.1 Each motor shall be subjected by or under the supervision of the Government inspecor
to the routine tests specified in table VIII, to determine conform ante with this specification. Noncon-
forming motors shall be individually rejected. Repair parts. -  Coil tests. - Resistance readings at ordinary room temperature shall be made upon all
repair field coil windings and the results checked against the values obtained for the coils of the motors.
If the resistances are materially different from those of the motor coils, the repair coils shall be rejected.
All repair coils shall be submitted to a dielectric test.
4.2.3 .1.2.2 Repair armature tests. - The tests on repair armatures shall comprise those routine
tests normally made on the motor itself. Any armature that has been routine tested in the frame of any
motor of the size and design on order may be designated as the repair armature. In the case of armatures
on subsequent contracts or orders for which suitable frames are not available at the place of manufacture,
the following tests shall be made:
4. General inspection -  The armature shall be subjected to a thorough examination
to ascertain that the material workmanship, dimensions, and design are in conformance with specified
balance. - Dynamic
The armature shall be dynamically balanced.
resistance. -
The requirements of shall apply.
strength. -
The requirements of shall apply. Selective  tests. - Each sample motor selected in accordance with 4. 2.1.1 shall be subjected
to the selective tests specified in table VIII. If any sample is found not to conform to this specification,
the lot which it represents shall be rejected. A rejected lot may be resubmitted for selective tests pro-
vided the manufacturer, after being informed of the reasons for rejection, has inspected or tested each
motor in the lot for deficiencies noted and has removed all nonconforming motors. Periodic  tests. - Each sample motor selected in accordance with 4.2. 1.2 shall be subjected
to the periodic tests specified in table VIII. Tests reports and records. - Records of periodic tests, verified and attested by the Govern-
ment inspector, shall be included on and made a part of the finished drawings of the motor. in instances
where the finished drawings do not include such data, this information shall be recorded on standard Navy
forms. Where such data are compiled on standard Navy forms, these forms shall be either carbon-backed,
inked, or otherwise prepared so that they may serve as master copies from which reproductions can be
made by blueprinting or a similar process. Only one master copy shall be prepared and forwarded to the
Navy shipyard, shipbuilder, or design activity responsible for compiling the "Record of Electrical
Auxiliaries with Performance Data". Copies of the master type test data shall not be made or distributed
to any other Naval activity, contractor or shipbuilder, except that one copy shall be furnished to the
inspector responsible for conducting the tests. Routine test data and selective test data recorded at time
of tests on motors other than periodic-tested motors shall be retained by the Government inspector and
shall not be distributed to other activities, except when specifically requested.
4.2.4 Methods of test. - Material tests. - While it is not the intention of this specification, in general, to require
that all the material used in the construction of motors be tested in accordance with the requirements of
specifications referred to in each individual case, the Government inspector shall require such material
tests whenever, in his judgement, it is necessary to ascertain that the quality of a material used is at
least equal to the material specified herein and covered by the referenced specifications, or as shown on
the manufacturer's approved drawings.

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