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Page Title: Performance characteristics.
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MIL-M-45013E (AR) Safety (7269415) the safety shall movve manually
between the safe and fire positions, and shall remain in the
position set under spring action until reset manually. The
firing mechanism shall operate when the safety is positioned at
the letter "F" and shall not operate when the safety is
positioned at the letter "S". Sear [7269209). The sear shall be capable of full
engagement with the sear engagement notch on the operating rod
assembly (9362510) and capable of holding the operating rod
assembly in a cocked position. When the safety (7269415) is in
the firing position and the trigger assembly (7269212) is pulled,
the sear shall disengage from the sear engagement notch (primary
and secondary, each individually) on the operating rod assembly
allowing the operating rod assembly to move forward under spring
action. When the trigger assembly (7269212) is released, the
sear shall return to the engaging position by spring action of
the sear plunger (7269207). Trigger assembly (7269212). The trigger shall
return to its normal forward position under spring action after
partial or complete trigger pull.
3.4 Performance characteristics.
3.4.1 Headspace. The headspace in the assembled machine gun
(see dwg 7269100) shall not be less than 1.6315 inch and not more
than 1.6365 inch when measured to the 0.400 diameter datum on the
first shoulder of the chamber (see dwg 7269028). Testing shall
be as specified in
3.4.2 Firing pin indent. The firing pin indent shall be
0.030 inch minimum and shall-not be off center more than one-half
the diameter of the firing pin indent (see 7269100). Testing
shall be as specified in
3.4.3 Trigger pull. The trigger pull (see 7269100) shall be
free of creep and shall be greater than 6 pounds but shall not   -
exceed 11.5 pounds. Creep shall be interpreted to mean any
perceptible rough movement between the time the trigger slack is
taken up and the sear is disengaged from the operating rod.
Testing shall be as specified in
3.4.4 High pressure resistance. Every barrel assembly with
biped assembly, 7269028 and bolt, 11010358 supplied as a repair
part, spare part or as an end item's component shall be subjected
to a high pressure resistance tests as specified on their
respective drawings. Each of these components shall be capable

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