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Page Title: Reliability testing.
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MIL-M-45013E (AR)
the represented lot shall be rejected subject to a failure
analysis (see 6.2) by the contractor and retest Or reconditioning
and further test as a reconditioned lot. An endurance retest of
two other machine guns from the same lot shall be made without
reconditioning the represented lot, unless in the opinion of the
responsible Government representative, the failure indicates
serious defects or safety hazards in the item (see 6.4.3 and
6.4.4), in which case retest shall be made only when authorized
by the procuring agency. Failure of either machine gun in the
retest to meet the requirements shall cause rejection of the
represented lot subject to performance of a failure analysis by
the contractor, reconditioning and further testing as a
reconditioned lot, prior to submission of a lot of machine guns
as a reconditioned lot, the cause of failure shall be determined
in the lot. Sample size and test methods for reconditioned lot
shall be the same as for retests. Reliability testing. Three machine guns randomly
selected by the Government shall be each tested to 50,000 rounds
using the test method specified in 4.5.9. Barrel life testing
shall be performed concurrently as part of reliability testing.
Failure of the machine guns to meet collectively the MRBS and
MRBF requirements (3.4.9), shall be cause for deferment of
acceptance of product and shall cause the contractor to perform a
failure analysis (see 6.2) to determine that cause(s) of test
failure and to perform the necessary corrective action on all
products in house, both finished items and tiems in process. If
test failure occurs and is believed to be attributed to other
causes than machine guns, The contractor shall submit in his
failure analysis report, documentation supporting his contention
to the contracting officer for review and final resolution. Component parts and concurrent repair parts testing.
Raw material testing, part testing and certification shall be
performed in accordance with the criteria specified in the
contract (see 6.2). This will include chemical analysis and
physical tests of material, and tests of protective finish, heat
treatment, bonding, and function of parts as applicable. The
contractor shall accomplish these tests prior to assembly of
parts into the end item. Load test of front mounting pin (7269100). Upon
completion of 100 consecutive load tests of the front mounting
pin, the sampling plan for this test shall be in accordance with
Table I in utilizing the appropriate sample size under
Majors. If any lot is rejected, inspection shall revert to 100
consecutive and successful load tests on the front mounting pin
before sampling is reinstituted.

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