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Page Title: Component parts and concurrent repair parts testing.
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Failure data.
Mount, Tripod, Machine Gun, Cal. .50, M3
Packaging examination and testing.

MIL-M-45151C Mounts. Ten mounts randomly selected from each month's
production shall be tested for interchangeability using the test method
specified in Mounts taken for interchangeability testing shall
have been found satisfactory in all other examinations and tests. Failure
of the interchangeability test shall cause retest or rejection of the
represented log. At the discretion of the Government representative,
an interchangeability retest may be allowed without reconditioning the
lot of mounts. Failure in the retest shall cause rejection of the
represented lot subject to reconditioning and further test as a recondi-
tioned lot. A sample of 20 mounts from each retest or reconditioned lot
shall be tested using the same procedure described above except that hand
refinement will be allowed on not more than four mounts. Concurrent repair parts. At least two parts from each
inspection lot of concurrent repair parts shall be subjected to
the interchangeability test specified in Failure of any part
to meet the requirements shall be cause for rejection of the represented
lot of parts subject to reconditioning and further test as a reconditioned
lot. A sample of double the number of parts used in the original test
shall be tested from each reconditioned lot using the test method specified
in Interplant. When mounts are manufactured concurrently by
more than one contractors each contractor shall forward monthly six mounts
and a sufficient quantity of concurrent repair parts (if applicable) for
the assembly of two mounts for the interplant interchangeability test
specified in (see 6.1). The contractor will be informed of the
results of the test which indicates failure of the mounts or parts to
meet prescribed requirements. Component parts and concurrent repair parts testing. Raw
material testing, part testingg and certification shall be perform in
accordance with the criteria specified in the contract (see 6.1). This
will include chemical analysis and physical tests of materials, and tests
of protective finiish, heat treatmnt, bonding, and function of parts as
applicable. These tests shall be accomplished prior to assembly of parts
into the end item. Certification. Unless otherwise specified, the contractor
shall furnish the Government representative with certified statements
that each inspection lot conforms to applicable drawings, specification
of the materials and processes specified on Drawing F6507135 and drawings
applicable thereto.
4.5.3 Inspection equipment.

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