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Page Title: Contractor furnished inspection equipment.
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4.3.2 Control test failure.- Should any one item of a control test sample fail
to meet the specified test requirements, acceptance of the product will be suspended
by the Government until necessary corrections have been made by the contractor
and the resubmitted samples have been approved.
4.4 Inspection equipment. - Except as otherwise provided for by  the contract,
the contractor shall furnish and maintain all required measuring and testing equipment
in accordance with the "Measuring and Test Equipment" requirement of Specification
MIL-I-45208 and all applicable requirements specified in Specification MIL-1-45607.
The Government reserves the right to use the test equipment for its own independent
inspections to the extent that such use will not unduly interfere with the contractors
delivery schedule.
4.4.1 Government furnished inspection equipment.- Where the contract provides
for Government furnished test equipment, care maintenance of test equipment
shall be in accordance with the  "Measuring and Test Equipment" and "Government
Furnished Material" requirements of Specification MIL-I-45208 and all applicable
requirements specified in Specification MIL-I-45607.
4.4.2 Contractor furnished inspection equipment. Government design. - All inspection equipment required by drawings
forming a part of the contract and not provided by the Government shall be supplied
by the contractor in accordance with the requirements of 4.4 and the List of Inspection
Equipment Numbers IEL 7659765. Athernate designs may be substtituted only as
provided by "Inspection Provisions" of Specification MIL-I-45208. Contractor design. - The contractor shall design and supply inspec-
tion equipment compatible with the "Test Methods and Procedures" specified in 4.5,
and with the "Component Inspection" requirements of Specification MIL-F-13926. Con-
cept, construction, materials, dimensions, and tolerances used in design of test
equipment shall be so selected and controlled as to insure that the test equipment
will permit positive rejection of a product which exceeds the prescribed tolerance
limit, and will reliably indicate acceptability of a product which does not exceed
90% of the prescribed tolerance limit. Construction shall be such as to facilitate
routine calibration of the equipment. Device for conducting performance tests. - A special testing device shall
be provided to position the mount in accordance with 3.5 and Figure I. The accuracy
of the special test equipment shall be in conformance with and shall be
capable of positioning the mount within ten percent of the tolerances specified in 3.5.1
and Figure I. In conjunction with the special test equipment, an auxiliary telescope
and a wall target graduated in mils shall be provided to conduct the tests in 4.5.4
and 5.5.4 projector callimator may be utilized in lieu of the wall target for
conducting these tests.

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