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Page Title: Material deterioration and control.
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in section 4; and, unless otherwise specified herein, all examinations and tests
shall be conducted by the contractor subject to surveillance and approval by the
Government (see 6.3).  When specified (see 6.2), the Government will conduct any
or all of the first article examination and tests, as specified (see 6.2).
3.3 Production melters.  All melters furnished under this specification shall
be physically and mechanically  - identical to the first article melters approved
by the Government (see 6.3).
3.4 Material.  Material shall be as specified hetein.  Material not specified
shall b-cd by the contractor and shall be subject to all provisions of
this specification (see 6.6).
3. 4.1 Material deterioration and control.  The melter shall be fabricated
from compatible materials, inherently corrosion and deterioration resistant or
treated to provide protection against the various forms of corrosion and
deterioration that may be encountered in any of the applicable operation and
storage environments to which the item may be exposed.
3.4.2  Dissimilar metals.  Dissimilar metals shall not be used in intimate
contact with each other unless protected against galvanic corrosion.  Dissimilar
metals and methods of protection are defined and detailed in MIL-STD-889.
3.4.3 Identification of materials and finishes. The contractor shall ident
ify the specific material , material finish or treatment for use with components
and sub-components, and shall make information available upon request to the
contracting officer or his designated representative.
3.4.4 Structural steel.
Structural steel shall conform to ASTM A36.
3.4.5 Sheet steel.  Sheet steel shall conform to ASTM A659, UNSG10150, G10200
or G10230, condition and finish to suit the application.  All sheet steel gages
specified herein shall be United States Standard Gage.
3.4.6 Insulation.  Insulation shall be fibrous glass conforming to ASTM C553,
type I, class B-4, except the fiber diameter shall not exceed 0.00038 inch.
3.4.7 Pipe. Pipe shall conform to ASTM A53 (API 5LA), type S, grade A or B
as applicable, ASTM A53 (API 5LA), type E, grade A or B as applicable, or ASW
A135, grade A or B as applicable.
3.4.8 Retaining chain.  Retaining chain shall conform to RR-C-271, type II,
class 6, 16-1/2 links per foot.
3.4.9 Gaskets and seals.  Gaskets or seals, when used, shall be oilproof and
rated for operation at 600" F.
Quick-disconnect couplings specified
3.4.10 Quick-disconnect couplings.
herein shall conform to MS39153.

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